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    Superformance camera cars for "Ford vs. Ferrari"

    So price will be an additional 20%... perfect!
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    Superformance camera cars for "Ford vs. Ferrari"

    Hmmm...wonder if they have to reattach the rear/front of the cars upon lease return
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    Superformance camera cars for "Ford vs. Ferrari"

    Super cool... how many cars did they buy? Did they go through your Rick?
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    License Plate Solutions

    Agree... If you look at the gulf cars they have oil coolers with scoops that pull air from under the car at the back there. Very little air came out of these rear vents when I had my SPF.
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    Mid 60's display

    Sounds cool, any pictures?
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    J. Salmon RCR-40 Build

    oh boy.. looks like fun. I am looking forward to hearing the story of how you ended up with the car. It still looks great
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    Superformance Builders

    Thanks, I had experience with my first SPF being done by a builder that was new to the car (I purchased it used after it was built) so I understand wanting to have someone that knows what they are doing. Oltoff and his team saved me on that car as they rebuilt the car to a much higher standard...
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    Superformance Builders

    Anyone know who is building SPF cars these days? I am not buying soon, just interested in how builds are getting done. - I believe V's who is afiliated with Hillbanks out west - I assume Olthoff is still building - I saw Ron used one of Oltoff's old crew members, Paul Anyone else who is...
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    H Craft GT-R, Jared's build.

    Thank you for continuing to share you build pictures. It is really increadible to see how it all comes together and the quality of your work. Kevin
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    Superformance GT40 - Assorted Parts See Inside

    Elliot, have to ask, I see a lot of your parts. Are you making a track only car?
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    H Craft GT-R

    The car looks amazing, well done
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    ERA for sale

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    Spf 2317

    Well done! Question about the rear, it appears you have two rear clamshell holddowns (the vertical posts on top) vs spf that often have one single post. Did you have that done post factory build?
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    Spf 2317

    That looks tremendous. The oil cooler location should be far better than the factory location, I believe you will get better airflow
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    Gravity Racer, take II

    That thing is way cool