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    New gt40 orders

    Just don't forget the Millennials - they getting older too right now. They have then more disposable income (not the ones with a liberals arts 2yr degree hehe), they can't and want not to build a car - as said before, they write a check. Good for the builders among us. I see myself busy the...
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    New gt40 orders

    :lol::lol::lol: You are on to something Brother hehehehe!!
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    New gt40 orders

    Well, there is a saying in Germany: Totgesagte leben laenger. Means with other words: If they try to talk them dead - they live longer. I have two Cobras to finish, then I will grab a GT40 again. The request for cars, the participation on the social media, car shows and the general interest...
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    DRB GT40 for sale. ***SOLD***

    Good luck with the sale - NICE rig!!!
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    Darrin's MMR BOSS based GT40

    Any updates Darrin??
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    Drive by wire throttle

    Mike, if I would change from a common throttle cable - I would go hydraulic with a clutch slave and good springs. Pretty secure system and when anything fails your throttle is closed. On the "receiving" you have all kinds of choices... Any safety inspector is robbed of arguments - even in the...
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    One and done, I don't fit!

    As mentioned above, take a look at RCR's GTR. They are very close to the 2005 Ford GT.... GT-R
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    Looking for a source of MK2 front wheel arches.

    Looking for a source of MK2 front wheel arches. The MK2 had higher and more rounder wheel arches (housing). RCR just changes the rear bonnet to make an MK2. Is there a source out there just for the fender tops to be glassed in? Or anyone made molds? Thank you.
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    As far as I know, highest sold DBR GT40 Mk1 -- ever....

    Randy and Scott, I have two Cobras (FF5). One was on the road for 3 years, 4000 miles --- still in gel coat hehe. This one is in the garage right now and is in the disassembly stage. It will be redone and educate me what to do different (better) on the second one. The second one is a complete...
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    As far as I know, highest sold DBR GT40 Mk1 -- ever....

    As far as I know, highest sold DBR GT40 Mk1 -- ever.... 1966 FORD GT40 RE-CREATION - 198513 :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:
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    Kenny got it down and

    is a little crazy hehehe
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    Frank from Germany

    Welcome to the madness Frank. Just keep us updated when you start a GT40 project. Greetings from Texas from a Landsmann (born and raised in Baden-Baden). Pete
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    Looking for info on this CAV GT40 for sale

    Look here :