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    GT40 Fortyfication Magazine Back Issues ???

    Sent you a PM James.
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    Goodwood Revival 2020 family trip

    Hello Markus IMHO the chicane grandstand is king. You can see the end of the Lavant straight, around Woodcote and up to and through the chicane. Plus there is a huge screen on the opposite side of the track which shows what's happening for the rest of the lap. As Stephen says, the inner...
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    BF Goodrich tyres

    I'm sure the bods at Avon would take issue with that Andy, You make them sound like something bought from Del boy. They are produced by one of the leading tyre manufacturers, they have all the correct markings to prove they are a certified road tyre and furthermore they give fantastic grip in...
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    Injection stack covers?

    Yes! They are readily available, especially after Wimbledon! ;) :D (And can even be custom made)
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    That's exactly why I like the IMAX. I don't go to the cinema that often because I detest sitting with a load of idiots who are talking, opening noisy food and playing with their phones instead of watching the film. Thankfully the IMAX seems to deter them. And I thoroughly enjoyed the film. As...
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    Quick ratio steering rack for G T Racing chassis (ex MDA kit)

    Just to add to the complications, as Jac points out, you cannot compare steering turns lock to lock between different cars/manufacturers which have different pick up points, geometries, wheels and tyres. For instance, I do know that my Southern GT has a tighter turning circle than a GTD. Like...
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    Just saying....One of the greatest and not in F1

    A fantastic event and blessed with beautiful weather all weekend. This has to be my favourite race, around a half hour lap time! ;):D
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    Hot inside my GTD

    I use one of Lees deep double nostrils, highly recommended. (both the panel and him!) I made a flange that the bottom and sides of the nostrils butt up to, to prevent any air from spilling around the sides. Hopefully the pictures will make it clear; And with the nostril in place;
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    Gravity Racer, take III

    Good luck Chris!
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    Gravity Racer, take III

    Good luck Chris. Love this thread. Rooting for you!
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    Goodwood Festival of Speed 2019 Live Stream

    This was the car of the weekend for me, unveiled at the FOS, it is the new DeTomaso. I thought it was gorgeous.
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    Can you tag or name images?

    Oh She'll love you for posting that Ron! It's been nice knowing you!
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    Primer / Paint Blistering Need Help

    That's not a silicone or a cleaning problem, it's a reaction between the silver and one of the underlying layers. The solution is as Ernst describes.
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    Glorious Goodwood

    What better way to kick off the season than Goodwood on a beautiful sunny day? This wonderful track just seems to be made for GT40's, (mine certainly loves it here) and it simply oozes history. We were there for Goodwood's own GRRC Sprint and what a fabulous day it was. A really diverse and...
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    ZF Transaxle wanted

    Based on what? I have one and I would have to strongly disagree.