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    Heart Rate fun

    So how did your partner take it that just thinking about getting in your '40 got you revving more than actual s*x? :oops:
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    6-speed Zf 5DS25

    What makes you think the Quaife box isn't all synchro? I can assure you it is.
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    Octane fuelled Bank Holiday

    Yesss! That was a fun trip! My God, was it really 10 years ago though?! Curry sounds great!
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    Octane fuelled Bank Holiday

    Bugger! I had no idea. It would have been great to see you both. I can see why it's your favourite, wish it was closer for us.
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    Octane fuelled Bank Holiday

    Tammy returns from a session with the instructor..... with a BIG grin!!
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    Octane fuelled Bank Holiday

    Even had a bit of Ford v Ferrari time!
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    Octane fuelled Bank Holiday

    After a bit of a fuzzy, fizzy Saturday evening, we prepped the car again on Sunday and loaded it up in the lorry for a trek up to Oulton Park on Monday to be fresh for a trackday there on the Tuesday. It was the first time we’d been there, and what a blinding track it is; very technical, lots...
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    Octane fuelled Bank Holiday

    We started on the Saturday with the Goodwood's own GRRC Sprint. This is usually our first competition of the year as it is usually held on Easter Monday. This year it was still our first event despite being at the end of August! Still, it was good to be out there doing it again, and we had THE...
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    Oulton Park Gold Cup Pictures

    We got there on the Monday afternoon for a track day on the Tuesday Nick, maybe you were still there?
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    Anyone ever used Stack Injection ITB setup?

    I wondered that when I changed from Weber Carbs to Weber EFI, but it made no difference whatsoever, it still had all the aggressive bark as before.
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    FS EU Davies Craig electric water pump

    Used alloy 115 lpm water pump with new fitting kit. £90 plus courier
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    Finally on track again!!

    Do you mean SBD Frank? Isn't that Bill's old team?
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    Finally on track again!!

    I know! I didn't get my entry in quickly enough. :( How did you get on?
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    Finally on track again!!

    Apologies for the sideways picture, I can't work out how to rotate it.