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    Ford GT40 Factory Blueprints Chassis plans from Ford Advanced Vehicles

    Hi all. Any of the plans you see with a number stuck to them are drawings which were stolen from Gelscoe Motorsport a few years back. The last guy who tried to sell them via the internet all but lost his house in legal fees after Gelscoe finished dealing with him. Our legal guys are hunting...
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    Gelscoe Motorsport Ltd

    Hi. We have had massive issues with our IT system at HQ... if you didn't get a reply then sorry. Try getting back to us. Andy.
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    Le Mans Classic 2014

    It was Pedro at the wheel... but the boy can drive, you want to see him in the T70 in the wet !!. Andy
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    Anyone producing convincing looking GT40 chassis?

    Cheers dude !...... just welding up your bits now. A.
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    New to the site

    ?... ! A.
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    exhaust system

    Well spotted.. it does have two cables. One is the original cable which pulls the throttle linkage. The other is connected to an electric servo mounted behind the passenger seat. This is operated by a switch on the steering wheel. When we restored the car for the present owner, he had very...
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    Mirage or not?

    351 ? its got a 289 in it, as it very first ran, complete with all its original bodywork and a whole lot of other original parts. A.
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    Gelscoe trip

    Just a quick reply to back up the Chairmans answer to fellow club members concerns. Gelscoe Motorsport were asked over two years ago if we could lay on a visit to our workshop, which in principal we agreed to. A heavy work load our end, kept the visit on hold untill mid Dec 2009. Due to the fact...
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    GT40 parts

    We do have a clear out now and then. A.
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    Assembling a Monocoque

    Just trying to back up a fellow Chassis constructor... as for advertising, we dont. End of this thread as far as we are concerned, will try and start a new one on something of a different nature. ANDY
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    Assembling a Monocoque

    This is our first post so please go easy on us. Just to confirm the state of play with the English HTP.... When we set out to build a Chassis for our latest project we have to keep the FIA involved from start to finish. They inspect the Car at regular intervals during build and compare what...