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    Looking for Structural Engineer for residential renovation

    Title says it all. Looking for a structural engineer for a remodel. I'm in New York. Thanks in advance.
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    Lola T70 Spyder for Sale

    Car still available.
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    Lola T70 Spyder for Sale

    Thanks Brian. Hope you have been well.
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    Lola T70 Spyder for Sale

    Offered is a professionally built Lola T70 Spyder. Custom tube frame chassis, balanced and blueprinted 383 Chevy small block, coated bundle of snakes exhaust, QA1 shocks, Turbo Audi 5 speed, BRM rims, Wilwood brakes, removable steering wheel. Painted red with White Surtees stripe. Head lights...
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    Looking for T70 or GT40 project

    Gray, car is 98+% finished. Built by a professional shop in Michigan. I need more than 40k out though. Runs and drives. Fully built and blueprinted small block chevy estimated at 400 hp, with turbo 5 spd transaxle. Wilwood brakes, BRM wheels, it just needs a new owner. If everything worked...
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    Cleaning Out The Garage Mark IV, 427 Side Oiler, Porsche Turbo transaxles

    Cleaning out the garage: For sale: Mark IV complete body and glass windshield $15,000 Built Ford 427 Side Oiler, high riser heads, can email build specs to serious buyer $25,000 Rebuilt Porsche 930 turbo 4spd with lsd $7,500 Rebuilt Porsche G50/52 turbo trans...
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    How difficult is it to build a detached garage?

    Need more info than what you furnished. Two story? Living space above? Dimensions? How affluent is the area? I have found that certain zip codes add a premium to any construction. Don't have all your cars at the house when the contractor comes to give you a price.
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    Cummins v8 300m engines - injectors needed

    Thanks Scott. Will try them on Monday.
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    The body panels were advised to be from an original car. I had windshields made. No access to an...

    The body panels were advised to be from an original car. I had windshields made. No access to an original car so can't tell you if they will fit. Do you know Mike Teske?
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    Cummins v8 300m engines - injectors needed

    Hello Gents. Wondering if anyone knows a good diesel injector rebuilder. I have a set of injectors from a Cummins v8 300m engine which need rebuilding. At a shop currently but it does not look like he can do the job. Engines easily from the 1970's, maybe older. Know the engines were used in...
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    MKIV kit options

    Jac, glad to hear you are moving on to retirement. Just as easy for you to build two Mark IV chassis as it is one, right.... I'll store one of your chassis here and you can store one of my bodies there. Body molds, windshield molds etc., all mine. On my dime and contacts. I will have to check...
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    MKIV kit options

    Chris, just search the forum. Brent Mills has one of my packages, so does Jay Vickers.
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    MKIV kit options

    Dave, I can supply you or anyone else with Mark IV panels and windshield.