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    Search the forum-he is all over it. JM
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    Wanted to give props to Lynn Miner for producing an EXCELLENT VIN plate for our 1969 JWA car. Beautiful.
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    badge for steering wheel

    Fran is a dead end. 2 yrs in and he can't do it. JM
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    Tool room for sale

    It is an exact (99.5+%) copy of P/1075. Is it street legal? Yes. Is it street suitable, maybe...... depending on where you live (roads/climate, et al) Can it be raced in SVRA/CVAR/UK/Europe, etc.... Yes, given the correct drivetrain/tires/trans. That would be a Gurney Weslake motor/correct ZF...
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    Avon stops production.

    Tires getting thin for widebody MK 1's. Looks like Dunlops only game in town. JM
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    Original bits II

    If you need an original pedal box assembly, Holman and Moody has them-I had my hands on them a few moths ago at their shop. Not cheap. JM
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    Mark 1 spare tire placement and hold down straps

    Perfect. Thank you gents. JM
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    Mark 1 spare tire placement and hold down straps

    David, I combed the Volvo parts website to no avail. Can you provide a vector ? Thanks, JM
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    Mark 1 spare tire placement and hold down straps

    Gents, Anyone have pics of Mark 1 spare tire placement and hold down kit? Placement, brackets and material for the hold down kit would be very helpful. Thank you, JM
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    New Steering Columns

    Adam, Thank You. JM
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    New Steering Columns

    Sir, Price and availability? Are they made in the US? Please advise. Thank you, JM
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    ZFQ transaxle failure

    Thank you
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    Were are then new builds

    Jack, Saw you car when I was there last month. Nice work. JM
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    GT40 IV Ebay

    Cliff, Understand your sentiment but Vintage racing is dying a slow death. As the wealthy owners get even older and the vehicle value skyrockets even higher , there is even less incentive to drive these cars at speed .....The Europeans have started to embrace idea this which is why the near...
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    Were are then new builds

    Tool room Mark 1 coming early spring-purchased 12 months ago. 1969 MK1 widebody, Correct GW motor by Cobra Automotive, dead nuts correct in every detail. Wimbledon White, Black sill stripe/wheels. Will post some pics when it gets here. JM