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    Tyre recommendation for Street + some track days

    Anybody here can give some comparison between Nitto NT01, NT05, and NT555R?
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    Hello from Sweden

    Nice car. planning any mods for it?
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    New from Texas

    great looking car you have there!
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    Hi from Bay Area Cobra Club

    Good day and welcome :thumbsup:
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    Part 2 of Don's Mk IV Build

    nice build! great work
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    1/2 gt40 mkv

    any updates on the progress of your build?
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    Let's talk about tires

    What rims size and brand of tires do you have on your car? :thumbsup:
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    Ryans Group Ten GT40 build - Body 5.

    good progress. good luck on the build.
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    Comment by 'GT123' in media 'Red RF'

    cool looking car
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    Comment by 'GT123' in media '2_EPSN0199.JPG'

    nice! what size of tires have you used there?
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    VARA 2016 Willow Springs

    nice :thumbsup:
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    26 GT 40s video

    awesome video! thanks for sharing the link
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    Comment by 'GT123' in media 'My CAV GT40'

    your car looks great
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    Rick's Wannabe KVA

    you're in a great progress. good luck on the build