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    Engine Bay Picture Requests....

    Here's a few. I need an OEM backfire plate to finish it off similar to the one in post #754 of Jimmymac's build thread if anyone knows where I can get one. I have the carb standoffs already. Jeff in western NC
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    Backfire plate over webers

    Hi. I need a backfire plate to finish off my weber 48 IDA carb setup. I need an OEM type exact replica similar to the one in Jimmymacs build thread. I have the oem type turkey pan setup and the carb standoffs already. Thanks in advance. Jeff in western NC. Superformance GT40 MK1
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    CNC Performance Parts cable shift for ZF/RBT trans

    Anyone have any experience with the GT40 or Pantera versions? They look like some nice parts. ZF cable shift adapter: ZF Cable Shifter Adapter | CNC Performance Parts GT40 shifter: GT40 Shifter | CNC Performance Parts
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    Superformance GT40 Wiring Diagrams

    I received my SPF GT40 Wiring Diagram from Blas yesterday and I'm very happy with the was it is laid out and done in a professional manner. It's already helped clear a few issues up. Much better and accurate than the 2007 version in the owners manual and everything's on one sheet instead of...
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    Swaging / beading pipes

    EARL'S Performance Plumbing in the U.S makes a tool called an EZ-Beader for that purpose. Multiple sizes are available. I haven't tried them myself yet. Maybe a dealer in the U.K. sells them. Hope this helps.
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    Superformance MK I rear lower closure panel

    I think this shows one version with a Colotti.
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    SPF GT40 P2129 to be auctioned no rsv.

    Click on the link on the first post and you will see the links to the front and back of the MSO and dyno sheet from the engine bulder.(lower right corner of page)
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    Introducing SPF Chassis 2280

    Please post photos of the interior and under the front clip if you can. Fantastic car!
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    Shifter linkages: Rods or Cables?

    Do the Audi/Getrag,Renault,& Porsche use rod or cable linkage from shifter to gearbox? Thanks.
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    Any manufacturers building MkIV replicas?

    Just wondering if there are any MkIV cars on the horizon. I've never heard of any replicas having been built.