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    Rick's RCR GT40

    So am I! I am determined to have it ready for paint by April 2022.
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    Rick's RCR GT40

    I just bought some fiberglass cloth and resin to finish leveling up the body. I don't like to use bondo so I add fiberglass to build then sand to fit/shape. Just last week I received an offer to manage CAPEX for several plants in the U.S. but I am motivated to get the GT40 finished.
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    Rick's RCR GT40

    I have not done anything to my GT40 since 10/2018 because my job required me to travel internationally once a month for 2 weeks. I was laid off (due to Covid travel restrictions) 5/2020 so I used my time to design and build our new home in Aledo, TX. With all of the 7.5 acre land work, 1.6 acre...
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    Steve’s Active Power GEN II Coyote GT40

    Yes, but only when driving on the road since they drop top end power when you are on the track. Old school is cool to. I had the smaller version of those on a different 280Z that I bought brand new in '77 (special model called "The Z With More Zap").
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    Steve’s Active Power GEN II Coyote GT40

    I put the same drive by wire Harrop Hurricane on my LS3 525 in a '77 280Z in 2011 and had excellent streetability and excellent WOT. the right tuner can do wonders.
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    Filling Tanks--Fuel Cutoff

    There are no silly questions since we gain a bit of knowledge with every question that we ask. Many times we ask just to get confirmation or alternate solutions to our task at hand.
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    Filling Tanks--Fuel Cutoff

    Yes, near the tip of the nozzle is a small hole, and a small pipe leads back from the hole into the handle. Suction is applied to this pipe using a venturi. When the tank is not full, air is being drawn through the hole by the vacuum and the air flows easily. When gasoline in the tank rises high...
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    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas Howard!
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    Bill's CAV #193 Build - Canadian Made

    I had the same problem as you... I went the fiberglass route and it looks good but I may make it full width to eliminate the small radius's on both sides.
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    Mitch Krause's RCR GT40 Build

    The primary reason that I did this to my G50/50 was to ensure that the transaxle was properly lubricated since it had been flipped and was not designed to run inverted (adding excessive oil is not a proper solution either). I like to run my GT40 hard on the track from time to time and the oiling...
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    Classic Car Developments Chassis #3

    Sounds as good as it looks!
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    Now you have 35 to 10, 25 ahead now.
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    Transmission Oil Pump

    I agree with Randy, in your test the bar is level and the oil is cool. When the oil is hot and the bar is at an incline then the oil will tend to take the path of least resistance since there is no restriction to equalize the flow to all of the fittings. Instead of welding the drilled plug...
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    Bill's CAV #193 Build - Canadian Made

    I have the Borla 8 stack (58mm version) and it does take a heavy foot to operate but you get used to it. I think that Borla put some pretty stiff springs in the butterfly shafts.
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    50/52 Transaxle Cooler

    Randy, Two thumbs up, that will work just fine. Anyone who can TIG weld should be able to fill the NPT end or weld in a slug that can be drilled. I didn't look at this option since I can't weld for crap.