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    Ford Gt an American Icon

    Happy Holidays’s that time again Amazon has the old Ford Gt books discounted as they are almost sold out All my books go to help feed and clothe homeless vets on Long Island Thanks for looking Ford Gt The Complete Owners Guide and Around the world In a Ford Gt “almost” Thank you Gtjoey1314
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    Another of the Greats Gone - RIP Dan Gurney

    Its all been said, I last spoke to him as well a couple years back at Amelia Island. Sitting in the main hallway just relaxing before a round table discussion, he was ALWAYS a gentleman. R.I.P. my friend , theres a GT40 waiting for you up there....... GTJOEY1314
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    Ford gt owners unite in tribute to roy lunn, ‘godfather of gt40’

    A good run and a class act. R.I.P. GTJOEY1314
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    H Craft GT-R

    Wonderful set up "H".........Ive known you for many years, this is truly your baby and the talent shown is second to none! Keep the pictures coming. GTJOEY1314
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    1030 at Amelia Island

    See you at Amelia, will be filming GT40's, D TYPES and many Astons for the new series! gtjoey1314
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    One and done, I don't fit!

    Let it be....The car was never designed for luxury or 6.4 feet tall humans, its a race car. Get a Mercedes and everything will be alright.
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    Around the world in a ford gt / amelia island

    Great Ben, I will be at the Ritz with the book s and on the field with the tv crew.... GTJOEY1314
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    Around the world in a ford gt / amelia island

    always having fun!!!
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    One and done, I don't fit!

    Dude Bruce M and Chris Amon were midgets compared to you....... Im 6 foot 200 lbs now a days, I had a 1939 indy race car and one of Jack Brahbams bt18's You have a short wish list my friend.....have you considered a Mercedes Maybach?
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    New Ford GT pictures

    Nope, compared to the original the new one will look like a Lincoln town car next to it.
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    New Ford GT pictures

    Mike, The stats came out today. Remember when I had the poster of the GT40 next to the 2005/2006 FORD GT. How much bigger the 05/06 looked to you. Well, the new car is 7 inches longer, 2 inches wider and an inch lower at 3,300 lbs.
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    you got the video?

    you got the video?
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    Around the world in a ford gt / amelia island

    I received a wonderful phone call yesterday from Co writer Marcie Cipriani. Amazon has picked up our second book for distribution around the world as they did the first book! So, "AROUND THE WORLD IN A FORD GT" will be for sale at Amelia Island along with the original book FORD GT THE OMPLETE...
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    Ford GT An American Icon.

    roaldin, Send me a pm as well........ Thank you. GTJOEY1314