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  • Hey James, I thought I would check in again on your Celica Headlight project. Two questions: 1) from your progress to date, do they fit into the SLC parameters or do they extend into the body much? 2) any chance of you sending me one of your sample headlights for me to "mock up"? Then I could decide if it's worth all the trouble. I would gladly pay for the packing and shipping to me and back to you for the return.
    Please get back to me so I can move forward on this,
    Thank you, Bill Bares ([email protected], or cell 650-823-1450)
    A little bit of progress. I mocked it up in clay on one side. Had to take a break from the whole project due to too many things in life going on. I am starting to pick back up on it (getting a welder in this weekend to make some of the changes).

    I was having a hell of time trying to find the best way to make the other side symmetrical. I think the way I am going to do it is to make a foam mold from the complete side (once done) and then thinly slice it and turn them 180 degrees on the other (smoothing it out) and then fiberglass the other side,, still months down the road. I will try and send you some pics of the clay mock up this weekend.
    Hi James, I am really interested in your idea of using Celica headlights for your SLC.
    Any progress? Thanks Bill
    I don't have a part of Tampa I'm in right now. At the moment just buying investment properties, but I plan on moving there after finishing up overseas (next June). The car and I will be there then.

    Yes, I can't wait, my builder says he will be done with it by September,, that being the case, I'll be able to drive it around on my next R&R,, which well,, happens to be in September.
    Hey James, what part of Tampa are you in??... When do you expect your car?... I bet you can't wait!!... Thanks, Paul...
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