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  • Howard,

    Just got back from the Car show and I won a Trophy!! There were allot of Mustains there! GT500 GT's Mach I.. NO GT40 hehe..

    ooo BTW There were 75 Trophy's and 98 Cars So almost Eveyone got one hehehe.. Its till Cool Because this Trophy Is Almost 2' Tall.. I have others but this one it Big..

    BTW I rubbed all the Dust off Also! hehe

    Hensley Out!
    I checked out that Web Page!! Very Cool. What kit did you get?? Standard, Deluxe or Deluxe Plus? I assume its a RCR-40 MK1 & MK2.

    When do you receive it and start building?? The next time I'm in DC I hope I can swing buy and see how its comming..

    Bad thing about me is I get to excited and Jump in feet first forgetting to check the depth hahah. You seem more calculated and lay out a good Plan! smart thing on these builds. Proper planning seems to be the key from the builds i've been reading on the forums page.

    Take care!'

    Hensley Out!

    oooo BTW I'll be taking the Camaro to a Car show this weekend I hope to win a Trophy!! Wish me LucK

    OMG!! Your right. This is going to be very exspensive but I think you can get your money back out or make some if you do a good Job! I know you will.. I'm gald that you got a Motor!! That half the battle. Are you going to Post your Build?? If you do try and make Some Youtube Video Examples of your Build you will be Famous!! Sometimes words and pictures are not enough! A good Video Library would be Awsome for newbies ... Hell screw Youtube maybe you could Produce it and Sell it as a Howards How to Build a GT40.. I might have got you a Million Dollor Idea there! PPL would pay good money for some nice Video of Step by Step Builds..

    Take Care!

    PS.. Were did you get your Kit from I've been looking for them online!
    Hay Howard! You got me Hooked on these GT40's.. I've been looking at some Youtube Video's and they are a Awsome Car! I also saw an article about the history and how Ford wanted to beet out the Farraries!! Its an Awsome Car and I want to Build one myself someday However I dont think my little brian can do it all but it would be fun to Try!! Thanks for the INFO!!

    Jon Hensley
    1967 Camaro SS
    Miami Fl
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