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    EFI change

    Currently have a ford 342 by roush with a 750 cfm. holly . The ignition is MSD electronic. I am tempted with the borla 8 stack efi Webber look like so being OCD about understanding the system before buying it wondered if I could get some corrective advice on the workings of the system. 1 ...
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    Perspex light cover water seal

    That's roughly what I used 1st time round will try again with. 3 MM. thick one Used a skin biopsy punch for the holes!
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    Perspex light cover water seal

    I have a roll of this but thought it would be difficult to go round the threaded holes I have already got .
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    Perspex light cover water seal

    After this uk summer have found water ingress into the headlight/indicator/fog light compartments .it appears to be entering under the perspex(flexiglass) covers. Misting up is now a problem and the hid lights don't like it. How have members solved this'll? I had 3mm by15mm ploy foam tape below...
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    I HATE electrical problems!

    Have similar problem if i dont turn the alarm on, on the car, the battery goes flat because the immobiliser is a constant drain on the system unless the alarm and immobiliser is activated( remember to activate immobiliser means turn the relays within it off.)
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    917, vets and RSPCA !!

    as a vet as long as you follow the dog box guidelines for size the RSPCA wont mind though that dog looks to wooly and could seriously affect the change in the box
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    Gas / Pneumatic springs / struts to open and hold clip

    I know this is UK based company but look at I bought mine from them and they came pre-gassed then by releasing the gas through a small bleed nipple i could tension the struts to the correct level. Also by careful positioning I could use the front strut to both...
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    Goodwood Revival

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    Goodwood Revival

    Great event will add some photos
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    Exeter kit car show

    This event was painfully badly attended by manufacturers and industry suppliers and was certainly not worth the fuel and admittance fee . The show has had a steady demise over the last few years ,perhaps a sign of the severe resession we've had . Some guys brought their cars along but there was...
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    LED headlamps

    would like to agree with tony got mine from hid4u on internet and really simple fit plugging into old head lamp connector and ballast resistor mounting in light well. they are in old vauxhall viva head lamps and the difference from the original bulb to halogen was good but the hid is phenomenal
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    IVA and Mini Cooper Mirrors on Tornado

    gone are the days when my rf passed sva with a quick drive round the car park to check the mirrors . I used bmw mini electric door mirrors ( adjustable .retracting and heated ) mounted on the door and they give a pretty good view when driving
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    Electrical over heat

    See where your coming from but the smiths fuel and temperature gauges run from a voltage stabiliser which converts a 12 volt system down to a ten volt system . This used to be achieved by using a 12 volt input into a small device that contained a bimetallic strip with a small coil around it ...
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    Electrical over heat

    Still got issues .the voltage stabiliser reads an output of 12 volts where it should be 10 however,the input voltage from the battery is 13.9 volts which explains the lack of voltage reduction to the required 10 volts. My question is where else will there be a voltage control to ensure none of...
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    Electrical over heat

    Have just got my 40 back on the road after a year in the shed . So yesterday per mot gave it a good clean ran it for a while and all was fine. Today the smiths water temperature is reading 90 at rest and then around 140 when running. I know this is incorrect as the temperature controlled fans...