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  • Hi Ian
    couldyou point me me in the right direction to the thread about making 4into1 collectors that was put in the how to section by jim

    Regards mark
    hello Ian i tried to load a video in my clubman but stuffed it up could you link it for me
    utube winton trackday 28/2/2016
    how are you Ian it is chris goldsmith from australia
    have not rang you for a while cause i have lost your number
    hope you are well and using your gt40 a lot

    I'll be at the Stoneliegh show also. (Sunday). Do we just pay on the door or does the club have any special arrangements.


    hi Ian,
    I read about your suggestions regarding the "simple fuelling system" due to a similar problem I have with my system. I´m also running a Rover 3,9 engine, equipped with an Edelbrock carb. I have two tanks with, I think 3 connections each, where respectively 1 is for aeration. Anymore there is one LP, a HP, and two port valves (taken from Jag XJ12) and also surge tank.. all so far o.k. The problem was, when I changed over from left to right tank the eingine died after a couple of minutes. But when I inspected the function of the valves by disconnecting the pipes and running the pums fuel was flowing- of course, I don´t know if the pressure/amount was enough, so I was wondering, if somethin with the aeration of the respective tank is wrong or the port valve fails sometimes.
    What would ou suggest to do? Replace the port valve or review the whole system an assamble it another way? Could you please send me detailled drawing and explanation how to to?
    Thanks for help,

    Hi Ian,
    I recall from previous discussions you mentioned you are an accountant.
    I may need a bit of help before the HMRC deadline. I know how busy you are at this time and how many requests like this you must get.
    My new email is [email protected]
    Dave M
    hi Ian,
    I'm doing the 24hr mid June and I will leave my kit at the airport until after the Classic. Do you know if there are any tickets for Friday and or Saturday which
    are just basic admission tickets ? I'm going to leave on Sunday afternoon in order to pick up Champagne in Reims and then on the Ferry on Monday.
    I will have my Mercedes Motorhome parked with my radar trailer so I don't need any facilities apart from IDEAS ABBOUT A TICKET.
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