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    What’s up with this GT110/X-1?

    Well, it does look a bit more authentic post shunt ;)
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    What’s up with this GT110/X-1?

    A bunch of those photos look like the ones out of the GT40 Photo Archive by Brian Winer and Wallace Wyss. I believe Wallace is/was a member here.
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    Does anybody know where this GTD GT40P is currently

    Yeah, probably wise. I did have the pleasure of seeing it in person many moons ago. Fahrad too. Back when I lived up in NorCal. Ian
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    Does anybody know where this GTD GT40P is currently

    That car originally belonged to Farhad. I believe it has changed hands at least once since he sold it because I have seen it for sale at a dealership after he sold it. Ian
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    Tornado TS40 'evolution'

    Amazing car!
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    Carbon fiber gt40?

    There are other photos online, the panels are definitely CF. The chassis is space frame with CF panels rivetted and glued on AFAIK. Ian
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    Difference in GT40 model kits

    In a nutshell, yes ... they are all replicas. Some are more accurate than others, but since they were not built in the 60s (or in the case of the original Safir MkVs up through the early 80s I believe), they are replicas. Ian
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    Restoration Project?

    According to the comments on the "Where is it now?" thread: Per Robert Gressard "The car is 1070P. It has no racing history. It exploded in 1969 in Akron Ohio on RT 18. Notice the hubs and uprights are missing. A new car was built around them and the title. I owned it for 32 years." "The...
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    Engine power!

    Well, if you want to upgrade your power, yes, the transaxle is the limitation. But you should also look at your brakes - you'll need to stop too :)
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    Not new but now need a GT40 in my life

    Inching closer to pulling the trigger on a GT40 myself ... finalizing which way to go and clearing garage space. Crushed the tip of my middle finger last week, and nearly lost it. So, small set back ...
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    Drivetrain Options

    How about the Albins ST6-M or AGB? Both are under £20K from what I can tell
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    Rick's RCR GT40

    Hmm, double post ...
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    Rick's RCR GT40

    Welcome back to the fold :) Your GTD was the one that really got me looking into trying to build one. Still working on that ... Ian
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    And Now for Something Completely Different...

    I've been playing since I was 14, though I took a break from serious playing for about 15 years. Picked it back up again last year, trying to shake the cobwebs off. I have a 1987 US Kramer Baretta and a 1974 Fender Strat Tobacco Burst. The Strat was modded when I bought it in '84 (my first...