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    So, do they use a different body than the regular Mark I wide body? My understanding is that the standard Mark I body/glass is not exactly interchangeable with original.
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    Discrepancy in header temperatures between both cylinder banks

    Any chance your running lean on the hot side? Check to make sure you don't have any air leaks over there, and that there is no obstruction of fuel flow.
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    Gulf Lower Headlight units

    When they are available, I'd like to purchase both. If you don't hear from me, please reach out. Thanks, Ron
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    GT40 Engine to Transaxle Help

    Just so you know, I sourced my original flywheel (fidanza), clutch (BMW M1), and I'm pretty sure bellhousing and TO from Summit. It takes a little research, but parts are available, and they don't have to be particularly esoteric. I think Summit had to create a part number for me, but they were...
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    GT40 Engine to Transaxle Help

    There are a number of options, SAFIR providing one of the most period correct packages. It is, however, one of the more expensive options. I honestly don't recall where exactly from I collected all of my parts, but it wouldn't be a bad idea to call Dennis Olthoff for other options.
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    WANTED REAR CLAMSHEL prefer SPF, minor damage OK, west coast USA

    I emailed him a while ago, but didn't hear back. Anyway, not really on the west coast. But I will keep him in mind.
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    WANTED REAR CLAMSHEL prefer SPF, minor damage OK, west coast USA

    Looking for a rear clamshell, side skirts too, if ya got em. Some damage OK. Prefer Superformance or other original fitment. Just for those of you wondering, mine is just fine. I just thought it might be fun to build a second option for my car, 1969 GULF pattern (WIDE). I already have a second...
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    GT40 Manufacturers

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    GT40 Manufacturers

    Per one of the stunt drivers, the movie cars were a mix of SPF and RCR.
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    GT40 Manufacturers

    I don't think GOX is producing GT40s any more. Someone know different?
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    Greeting from a 289 wrencher

    For half that, I'll consider selling mine.
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    Monocoque on ebay

    Conversed briefly with the owner, who is now on vacation. He'll relist when he returns.
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    Monocoque on ebay

    Late to the party. Does anyone know if this sold? Asking price?
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    Laguna Seca: SCAMP removed from management by county of Monterey

    Oh, I'm sure there were issues with SCRAMP, but I'm also sure there are issues with how the board handled this process, and how it handled LS business in the past. I've volunteered and purchased a "brick" at the corkscrew to support the track, but have no dog in this fight other than wanting to...