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    Early planning options on transaxle

    A bit out of left field for this discussion, but an indication of what can break... we have a saloon series here in NZ that started out with Richmond 4speed ( Super T10 for older folks), these were fitted with a Pifitzner (spl) straight cut dog engagement kit and later moved to a Jerico straight...
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    Source for pre 1975 302 blocks

    Those Hi-Po caps appear to have been milled for Strongbacks or Girdle.
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    255 ci NA DOHC Ford Indy Engine

    There is/was a guy on this forum who had an engine, not sure whether it was NA or turbo. David Briggs?, not sure if he kept it or sold it on, was a long time ago. I just had a look & he has not been here since 2014. Had a rolling chassis for it as well, cant remember details etc. Pretty sure he...
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    X pipe, H pipe or bundle of snakes

    X-pipe only works properly flow wise if the primary pipe lengths are equal. H- pipe is more about keeping things quiet. Go with the 180 deg headers. If I had my way they would all be 8 into 1, that makes the 180 deg setup a walk in the park.
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    Tell everyone every week that you are surviving this COVID19. Just add your name to the list once a week and each of us will know if you are alive.

    Still here, seems to be under control down south, with Auckland at level 2.5 still. Some crazy rumours coming out of Q/town and other tourism hot spots of overseas visitors apparently beating the 14 day isolation standards.
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    Chassis plans

    No, those were taken in the UK I think, the guy in the blue shop coat was restoring/rebuilding the cars at at the time, they were all posted on this site years ago, but its very hard to find them now that the posters details are not as informative / complete. I cant find much of this stuff...
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    Chassis plans

    No, I was searching for pics to load, that put it over the 5 minute limit, its a pain in the butt.
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    Chassis plans

    Dunno if you can see my first post, ran over 5 minutes trying to edit it. Nope, cant even delete it now.
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    Chassis plans

    MK2 had FE engine, T44 or auto transaxle, MK 3 was the road car, small block ford engine & ZF transaxle, longer tail and bumpers and a bit more in the way of creature comforts, MKIV was alloy/honeycomb, glued and riveted chassis, FE engines & T44 Transaxle & some auto's.
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    Oil Pressure Reading On Cranking Over

    Oil Filters, oil enters filter thru outer set of holes and exits thru the center hole, get that wrong with an ADV ( anti drainback valve ) which Fords have and you wont see pressure. Check the hose layout thru your adaptor etc to ensure they are hooked up correctly as Bob P suggested earlier...
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    Tell everyone every week that you are surviving this COVID19. Just add your name to the list once a week and each of us will know if you are alive.

    All good down South in NZ, some community transmission in Auckland up north so thats gone back to level 3 and rest of country at level 2, been told its from a family of 4? who had ties to a Cool Store of all things, plus other business, but things getting a bit murky as to the actual origins...
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    New ford 7.3?

    If I was to be negative I could suggest that 'some' crate engine deals dont always pan out either.
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    New ford 7.3?

    If it can be dressed up to 'look' like the 351w, why not, continued problem of a transaxle that 'looks' right to live behind it will be the real problem.