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    I am truly speechless

    I can't believe a thread titled "I am truly speechless" has gone on for 6 pages. It just seems oxymoronic.
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    Ultima Record Breaker

    I thought an Ultima GTR broke the record a few years ago as well. Maybe they needed to re-break it after Shuey's FXXX lap.
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    I am truly speechless

    Hi Al and Mike I am not disagreeing with you that the Catholic church handled it like a bunch of idiots. All the guilty bastards should have been openly exposed (no pun intneded) and thrown away in jail. All I am saying is that with the thousands of catholic priests around the world who never...
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    I am truly speechless

    ...and lets not forget the seriously unbelievable situation with Fox news. I mean this guy has got the biggest dream run with the media where the ass kissing goes so far that NBC was even fact checking SNL skits that criticized Obama (Don't ever remember that happening to another politician) and...
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    I am truly speechless

    SpyderMike I am not a catholic personally but to suggest the Catholic church supports kiddie fiddling is total and utter bullshit and you know it. Don't make retarded comments. Regards Jack PS - I know sometimes stuff gets lost in translation, particularly on the internet, and particularly...
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    Hillclimb Photos

    Your car looks great julian. I am sure there is nothing like blasting along at pace, even with a few technical issues. Regards Jack
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    Climate change

    Hi Ian The Top Ten Reasons why I think Catlin Arctic Ice Survey data can’t be trusted Watts Up With That? Try this one. Regards Jack
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    Climate change

    PS - sorry for all the spelling mistakes and the incorrect use of their etc. I was in a rush
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    Climate change

    Right on Pete. Al Gore was recently in Melbounre (I actually protested. First time in my life). What was he doing here? Preaching to people about climate change (he doesn't talk anymore because he doesn'tt ake questions). the reviews in the paper of his speech were luke warm (no pun intended)...
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    SLC rear LED light upgrade

    Craig your SLC rear end looks fantastic. No offence to the standard SLC but I think yours looks way better.
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    Ultima V12

    The Ultima is a car that has grown on em over the years. That one looks flat out bad ass. For a car that is already a rocket that would be scary fast.
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    Mclaren F1 is still very quick.

    I don't know if the story about the button contacting the VW sateliites to get pre-authorization to go super fast is true or not but it sure sounds as cool as f*#k!
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    Pete's Pony car restoration.

    sweet color Pete. I love that color on Ford cars. Cobra's, GT40's, Mustangs, they all look bad ass. Cheers Jack
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    Fillipe Massa

    I think it is great that Shuey is coming back and don't think it will tarnish his reputation at all. I mean most people already hate him! That said given he is filling in and hasn't been involved from the start of the season or anything there is no pressure to be a top performer. If the Ferrari...
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    Gates arrest.

    Didn't Obama win soemthing like 96% of the black vote? I don't know the exact figures but I do know it was Saddam Hussein-esque ridiculously high. I think Crash33's point is valid. Obviously not everyone voted for Obama because he was black but when you look at the % of black people who did it...