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    Thoughts on Keith Craft ‘Crate’ Engine

    Hi Chris Just a few thoughts, having imported and engine from Prestige Motorsports recently. Firstly the engine itself. What chassis and gearbox are you using? That much torque will blow a Renault and Audi box with spirited use so you really need a Quaiffe Box at £10K to handle it. Do you...
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    302 Non CAT Emissions for IVA

    My engine builder provided a basic letter to verify my engine block number and block manufacture date, I then just had to show the IVA tester my engine number matched the paperwork. In truth I could have referenced numerous Ford books which provide evidence of the block numbering system, and I...
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    Literature on GT40

    I haven't got that book , its around £300 if you manage to find a second hand copy ! If you want pictures of the Gulf cars the P1075 book mentioned earlier will be usefull
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    Literature on GT40

    # nope , don't bother with that. The Haynes book mentioned earlier is what you want as it has a dedicated parts sections with photos of the individual parts of the car (at least many of them)
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    John Horsman

    Outstanding engineer. HIs book is amazing to read if your a GT40 fan with incredible detail. Very sad indeed
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    Source for pre 1975 302 blocks

    Hi Mark. I would hold out for a pre 1975 block and pay what you need to pay , it makes IVA so much easier. Try Ebay USA, lots of stuff on there, just remember to take into account taxes. Do bear in mind, having EFI does not gurantee you an IVA pass because there are many variables such as...
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    '66 KVA GT40 - CKRockett

    yes definitely a KVA judging from the pictures. The earliest of replicas developed by Ken Vincent Atwell in the 1980's. I think he used to be a Ford UK engineer before developing his own Mk3 and then Mk1 replica. Don't worry about the continuation thing , if it wasn't made in the 1960's its a...
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    Ford gt 40 project

    Hi Marc Your location , budget and aims for the car would help a lot for responses.
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    '66 KVA GT40 - CKRockett

    Hi. Are you sure its a KVA and not an ERA ? , do you have any pictures ? KVA did not make any roadsters and one of the earliest of replica's originally done in the 1980's with a Citroen or Renault transaxle. The ERA was a completely different thing, expensive but accurate. I have a...
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    Most common wheel tire combo

    Probably 295/15 on 15 x 10 inch rims for the rear and 215/15 on 7.5/8 inch x 15 for the front
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    Power & Tires

    your looking at the wrong Avons. the CR6ZZ are fully road legal. They are a great tyre
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    Anyone Ever Make A Gt40 Firewall Bump?

    i fitted a Davies craig electric waterpump mounted up front and DC blanking plate. No need for a bump then.
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    Hi Spike. Do you have an email address so I can include you in the club emails ? We are meeting...

    Hi Spike. Do you have an email address so I can include you in the club emails ? We are meeting again on January 7th from 8 PM. Be great to meet you. Jason
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    ATK Engines.

    Hi Roger. I bought a built motor from the states and found on my engine that the intake manifold bolts had almost no torque on them. The gaskets tend to collapse quickly and you have to retorque them. Im very lucky water didn't get into my engine because I spotted the problem. As has been...
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    FS EU LeMans Grill sets

    A set me for me please andy , cheers!