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    Believe me, I'd much rather not sell it, but another project looms, one which may involve the restoration of a very old, dare I say it, original chassis. It does depend upon me getting sufficient funds for P/1042 and to this end, the car is to be features on the 96 Club stand this weekend, at...
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    "The end is near, we've reached the final curtain", and to my involvement with this thread, which has spanned over 10 years! I wish to thank everyone who supported ne and leave you with a new video, which my wife, Debbie, has put together for us. I hope you enjoy it, as it tells the story of...
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    Thanks everyone.
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    Thanks to Debbie for driving our motor home and trailer the six hours to and six hours from Essex over the weekend for a charity event to raise money for a local children's hospice. The great Michael Hipperson, who owho owned GT40P/1005 back in the day had invicted us to Andrews Field airfield...
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    P/1042 Thought you may like to know my GT40 isn't idling away its time in my garage, but getting some track action. After a disappointing start at Silverstone, where the throttle cable melted due to a bad earth, we were invited to the Chateau Impney Hill Climb sprint event in Worcestershire...
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    P/1042 The car now has it's Historic Technical Passport and was invited to attend the Silverstone Classic Media Day on 2nd May. Here's a photograph kindly donated by a friend of the driver, Tony Gallagher.
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    Le Mans Classic- Sunday /Evening Meal at The Hotel De France

    The last I heard from John Cleland was that he did not intend to be chairm following the AGM. I have email proof if necessary. That is why I used the termanology Paul. Apologies, but I have read nowhere about who is on or off the committee and presumed incorrectly there was a new chairman...
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    Le Mans Classic- Sunday /Evening Meal at The Hotel De France

    I have organised an evening meal on behalf of the club on Sunday 8th July 2018 at the Hotel De France starting at 19:00-19:30 hours. The two course meal costs E50.00 with a guest speaker giving us a talk about his involvement with Formula 2 motoracing in the 1960s, culminating in his...
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    Silverstone Classic 20-22 July 2018

    My GT40, P/1042 has been invited to give journalist's rides and for testing on the GP circuit during the Silverstone media day on 2nd May. I'm busy polishing and hoping the weather will be dry for once! Andrew
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    Hi Jimmy, please can I have 30 of these? I can pay via PayPal gift inc postage if you email...

    Hi Jimmy, please can I have 30 of these? I can pay via PayPal gift inc postage if you email [email protected] Thanks, Andrew
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    Dzus ehf6 wings

    Sending you a PM Jimmy.
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    Farewell Message

    Thank you for everything you have done for the club. Stay in touch please.. Andrew & Debbie x
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    Gt40 1013

    I know where its original speedometer is though- in my car P/1042, as it was removed in 1967, when 1013, the Ford press car, was sold to its 1st owner with 0 miles on the tripometer... "naughty"!!!
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    Ken Miles

    This might be of interest- ken Miles – Building and Racing a Legend
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    GT40 Graveyard!!!

    If it's 1070, then Wren Sports look after it. Their garage is only 5 miles away from me in Shaftesbury, Dorset, UK. I'm hopefully taking P/1042 to them for some minor mods next week, so if it's available, I'll try and get some photos for you guys.. Regards, Andrew