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    My SLC Work Benches With A "Custom" touch

    Wipe on poly. Just need a rag to put it on. For a workbench sanding between coats would be optional. Minwax Wipe-On Poly - Clear Polyurethane Finish | Minwax
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    Back to the forums...

    Exactly what Larry L said. Praying for comfort and grace for you and your entire family.
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    A 380 Wake Turbulence

    For your reading enjoyment: The Aviation Herald
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    "Call me Caitlyn?"

    Cliff has to wait in line. Bill Clinton is after that fine looking ass.
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    Lufthansa A 321 incident

    You would be amazed at how little of the FDR/CVR is needed to retrieve data. Our vendor for our AC said that it the chip was burnt and snapped in half they could still retrieve data from it. I can not find one of our pilots willing to test the claim as of yet.
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    Of course that is an option. Just because it is stupid and solves nothing does not make it an option. Someone is going to have to be the asshole. As soon as that person steps up I am betting everyone else will lockstep up to the line with the idea in mind that we finally have someone to blame...
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    Cut some of us some slack here. I read about the elections and with those results and the falling oil prices plus the added kicker of a possible succession fight in Saudi Arabia and even more Middle East destabilisation I think this is going to be a "insert favorite obtuse expression here" year.
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    Oh Sh*t! That's Torn It!!!

    I can think of some airline stock you can pick up dirt cheap right now. Two major losses in a year tend to ruin a business. This is really going to stir the pot and I am afraid of what is going to float to the top.
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    What is this car?

    Well, I found out the answer. It is a one off of assembled spare parts made by a guy in a very eclectic shop in Arcadia, OK. It is called Susan.
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    What is this car?

    I like in Oklahoma City, OK and this has been around for while now. This is the first time I have ever been in a position to take a picture of it though. WTH is is?
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    What add should I be googling?
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    Jokes anyone? -

    Had to ask my kid....
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    Retaliatory Illumination

    Take that! I Wish This Guy Was My Neighbor... He's Hilarious! - quickmeme
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    Paraprosdokian Competition...

    Never wrestle with a pig. Even if you win you'll get dirty and the pig still likes it.
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    Toilet Quiz

    8 of 10. I really know my shit.