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    Tires for 15”x14” rim??

    Avon 12.5/27.0-15 treaded on 15"x 14" rims on my Pantera Gr4 style. Works on the street, but race tires throw a lot of stones up into the wheelwells. Also, thin sidewalls lose air pressure quicker than street tires. Jack
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    New Transaxle Comparison / Discussion Thread

    From Corvette Forum, as noted in a Chevy engineer's notebook, the C8 dual clutch transaxle weighs 341 lbs.
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    Manta Montage Suspension Swap

    There is much to recommend using modern Corvette suspension for your project, and I respect your decision. In my case, I find that getting a project up and running in a reasonable time keeps my enthusiasm up to finish the project. Everyone has their own priorities.
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    Manta Montage Suspension Swap

    Dave, have you considered using the rear suspension you already have? If you were planning to use matching C5 suspension front and rear, I could understand changing the rear suspension, but you aren't. While I realize that the montage V8 rear suspension uses 1980s FWD front uprights, the...
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    Heavy shifting > RBT with cable shift and Olthoff shifter upgrade

    I ordered my SPF Mk1 with RHD and RH shift. I, too, have an RBT. I have enjoyed driving the car for ten years, and the shifting has always been exceptional. Light and positive, like a smooth bolt action on a rifle. The shift is one of the great pleasures I get from driving my GT40. The RH shift...
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    ERA for sale

    They had this chassis on display at the GT40 reunion at Elkhart Lake in 2009. It was an incomplete roller at that time, iirc. I remember noticing the wide wheels/tires sticking out from under the rear flares a bit. The bodywork and paint was really nice. Jack
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    Mendeola vs G50/G96

    Jon, at the time I was having my SPF GT40 built, it was popular to use the new at the time Quaife transaxle. I chose the RBT because it is time tested, parts and service are readily available, and you get to select the ratios to suit your engine. It has performed perfectly behind a 440" 630hp...
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    Power & Tires

    I ordered the car new from the factory. It went straight to Dennis Olthoff's shop to benefit from his expertise, and he chose the wheel/tire sizes I've listed. (BTW, the 17" Michelin Pilot Sports on the front are 245/40ZR17, which are about same diameter as the 15" Avons, about 23.5"). I'm...
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    Power & Tires

    I just had the 15" Avons dismounted yesterday, and I measured the front BRM wheels as 9" wide, lip to lip. The front Avons are 9.1/23.5-15, the same historic all weather tires as the rear, with same tread pattern. It is the exact same pattern as shown in the Avon historic all weather tire page...
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    Power & Tires

    No, they were treaded from the factory. "Historic all weather pattern tires" (the section width is 15.25" in case you were wondering). This info is off the Avon site here: 15" Historic all weather | Avon Motorsport Jack
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    Power & Tires

    My Avons are 12.5/27.0-15, and the tread width is actually a little more than 13.5" wide. They are on 15" BRM style wheels, by Vintage Wheels, iirc. The wheels are actually 13" wide, lip to lip (I measured them). BTW, I also have a set of 17" BRM wheels, same size, that have Michelin Pilot...
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    Power & Tires

    The Avons I'm familiar with (and have on my car) are treaded race tires, which stick very well when fresh, but traction degrades fairly rapidly with time as well as miles. So some Avons stick better than others, depending on their age and mileage. Fresh Avons on 14" wide rear wheels handle the...
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    This gearing configurator from RBT transmissions was helpful to me: Configurator Jack
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    Windscreen - Cross Reference Guide

    Reading this thread reminded me of something. I don't want to ever have to replace my windshield, so, the last time my SPF Mk1 was at Olthoff's shop, Dennis had a clear plastic covering applied over the glass. Apparently it is used on racecars to protect the windshield and can be used as a...
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    302 or 351W??? I'm driving myself nuts

    Sorry, no video, Phillip. BTW, I posted this to show that a well built stroker worked out for my particular application and desires. But there is a lot to be said for the smaller stroke engines discussed as far as response, durability, and cost. I have a '71 911 with a built 327" SBC, AL...