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    Active Power/ GT Reproductions

    Can you post some pics of the B16 too?....Thanks
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    Active Power/ GT Reproductions

    Hey Chris you might want to take a look at Slack Motorsports...He's selling his stuff.. .... Looks like he might be in your neck of the woods
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    Lola T70 body wanted

    It looks like Kents frame & body is/was from a search "Marauder" plenty of info.
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    GT40 Aluminium Mononcoque Chassis

    Hey Mick? Typically these adhesives require a slight gap (in the thousandths?) between the panels after riveting, in order to prevent the adhesive from being squeezed out from between the panels...How are you maintaining that gap? Nice work by the way. John
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    Evocative picture of my 917K.

    The car looks SWEEET..... A couple questions....Is that windscreen plastic or a laminated safety glass? and Is that body a copy of original bodywork or bodywork from the LMK company? Thanks John
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    Hello from another 917 scratch builder

    The bodywork looks great Dan. Are you using an original shape windshield for the build? Apparently a British auto glass manufacturer still makes them....Pilkington?
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    SL-C in 1:12 scale

    Hey Fran, Would you be willing to sell point cloud data from the T-70 or 917....or any other "non-proprietary" shape?
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    Help Please--917 Engine Fan Info

    I read that drawing air from the bottom up had been tried and that the problem was the fan would suck up debris on the road and clog the cylinder fins.
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    Saac 33

    I'll be there. I live in South Jersey and I've been at the track the last three weekends (SVRA & EMRA) as a spectator. I think you are going to like the track. It was a little dusty last weekend because the track is so new that the areas around the track have not had enough time to let the...
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    Another first...Australia

    Chris, Are those RCR uprights? They look like they are cast.
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    Porsche 908/910 project

    Chris, Will you be setting up a catalog or store to sell parts? Thanks
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    Porsche 908/910 project

    you mean body parts or moulds? are you getting out of the 906 business?
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    Rennsport Reunion?

    So you can take the replica and beat the piss out of it and not risk destroying the 2 million dollar "real" car.
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    Rennsport Reunion?

    Hey Fran Are you attending the Rennsport Reunion in November? It's a great opportunity to showcase the 917 replica body/chassis. I would think there would be at least a couple of sales made while there. The folks who have more money than god are usually in attendence......Seinfeld was there last...
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    Tornado sports cars USA

    Andy/Scott any plans in the future to produce a T-70 replica?