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    GT40 Avenger

    Hi Mike, thanks thanks for sharing your project. I think this is a wonderful starter project and it seems you have the right enthusiasm. Pay no attention to the naysayers, build what you want and have fun. Please keep It up, I would love to follow your build.
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    Show us your GT40!

    This is P/2264, SPF 302, ZF, located in Los Gatos CA.
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    Show us your GT40!

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    Spf 2317

    Looks great Ron, love the green
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    McLaren M20#73

    Very nice project Andy, I’ll definitely follow this one.
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    Here she is...

    I’m not a big fan of the blacked out headlights, the original cars all were body color, I like the look.
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    F-O-R-D Script on nose of GT40

    my Photo does not look like the others, did I do wrong?
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    Will There Be a Paddock on the New

    Mike please sell your car and go away. A number of good GT40 owners have left because of you. Alan Watkins a very knowledgeable guy with two 40s but left because of you. He just had Hulman build him a GT40 clone that would have been great a great build to watch, but because of Mike we don’t get...
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    Calling Old Members

    Hi Rick, we have a little over 65k on her, still runs great.
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    Calling Old Members

    Hi Guys, I still check in from time to time. I’ve been retired now for three fabulous years and enjoy driving driving the heck out of P/2264, she has been surprisingly dependable and still great fun! We have also been having a great time bringing our Riley Scott Cadillac LMP Car that we found...
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    SPF battery?

    Hi guys, I'm looking to replace my battery, apparently Peb Boys does not carry this size... any thoughts?
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    Lotus 38 ish Replica

    Hi Ben, great project. So you are a Santa Cruz guy, I love that place, we are just up the road in Los Gatos... one day I would love to check out your project, do you ever go to the Canepa open house?
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    Cadillac Returns to IMSA Prototype Racing

    Hi Ian, it's good to hear from you. Things are great here Fran and I are working on year two of retirement, never happier. I took the 40 out for a dance just yesterday and she's running great. The Caddy project is moving right along, on a recent trip to Charlotte I was able to obtain all the...
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    Cadillac Returns to IMSA Prototype Racing

    Yes indeed Brian, this is great news! Such a beautiful car, I'm definitely going To be making the trip to Daytona...