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    SPF 2366 Build

    Beautiful bundle of snakes!!
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    KVA Project

    Nice build!! Where did you get the wheels? thanks, John
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    Sean's RCR 40

    Are those painted stripes or decal?
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    Phil's RCR GT40

    Nice Phil!! Sorry we never got to meet up last spring. Car looks great. John
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    Phil's RCR GT40

    Wow and more wow, that looks great Phil, do you think you’ll be able to drive it this year yet? John
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    New Carbon GTV8

    Looks like your building a mold. Are you planning on selling these, or just for your build? So it is scaled down from the actual size then correct? Looks great! John
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    Active Power Wisconsin Northwoods

    Looking forward to the video! John
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    Building a RCR GT40

    Awesome, congrats you must be getting besides yourself with excitement! John
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    Active Power Wisconsin Northwoods

    That’s awesome!! I’m hoping my next build is from them. Looks like you’re well on your way towards your goal. John
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    Tornado TS40 'evolution'

    Holy crap Batman your taking no prisoners! Looks great. John
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    Tornado GT 40 Build

    I liked the old wheels better!! ;) Looks great!! John
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    SPF 2366 Build

    Eric, I gotcha, personal preference is a big thing with any car you build yourself. I'm enjoying following along. John
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    SPF 2366 Build

    You guys are really refining this car. Not the best advertisement for Superformance unfortunately. Seems a little disappointing for the $$ they charge. I can see this is going to be a far superior end product when done. John
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    SPF 2366 Build

    First thing I thought you got a Superformance and 8 months later it’s not done yet?? Now I get it, good work! John
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    Phil's RCR GT40

    Looks great Phil!! John