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    Spa 6 hours 2014

    Yes, but that is not this car. At Alan Mann replica at Spa is a Gelscoe, at least that is what they said themselves. John
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    GT40s at the Spa 6 hours 2014

    Not sure if I should also post some shots of other nice classic cars that were raced at Spa that weekend, but I thought better add them to this topic instead of starting a new topic. So here goes: David Hart in his quick AC Cobra in which he won this year's Goodwood Revival TT celebration...
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    GT40s at the Spa 6 hours 2014

    By the way these are the cars I am instructing in, lots of fun although completely different with the Aero to a GT40... John
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    GT40s at the Spa 6 hours 2014

    Okay Mike, not sure if I have the pictures you are looking for. The linden green GT40 is a Gelscoe car and I have seen it a couple of times while instructing at Spa and when I raced at the Spa Six Hours in 2012. What I understand from the Gelscoe GT40 is that the FIA has inspected the different...
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    GT40s at the Spa 6 hours 2014

    Just to finish it of, these are the final pictures of the GT40s. Hope you enjoyed them, both the action shots as well as the detailed pictures. Also how impressive the Gelscoe cars are, amazed there is not more written about them on this forum. Sometimes the question pops up which is the best...
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    P2161 This morning

    That last picture is really nice. Like the colour of your GT40 very much!!! No colour change over the winter I hope? John
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    GT40s at the Spa 6 hours 2014

    At the beginning of the race David Hart fought like a true David against the Goliaths with his Cobra. The orange-red GT40 race no. 15 The black no. 40! I hope you all enjoy. John
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    GT40s at the Spa 6 hours 2014

    It is getting late now, couldn't help myself though. Race no. 4!!! What a beautiful colour for a GT40!!! Look at all the nice colouring on the tarmac... By the way, did I already say how Lucky we are to have Spa and the Six Hours? Hope to race there again next year...
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    GT40s at the Spa 6 hours 2014

    Oh yes, it was really pi$$ing with rain and with that part of the pitlane running down it created little rivers everywhere. Actually my 10 year old son is a big fan of Chris on youtube drifting F40s and F50s, so I suggested we went into the garage so he could meet him. Chris was really kind...
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    GT40s at the Spa 6 hours 2014

    Returned from Spa yesterday and since you seem to like the pictures please find some more below. It will take some time to post them all, but here is the first bunch of car no. 7 which got a small aerodynamic modification. There were some other GT40s as well that got some battle scars during...
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    GT40s at the Spa 6 hours 2014

    If you guys like the photos I will post a whole lot more. At the moment I have to go back to Spa however, for two days of instructing (Radical SR3 RS), so please bear with me... If you like I will start posting more pictures coming Wednesday. John
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    Project under wraps -- W125

    Wow!!! Did you just 'guess' the dimensions? Looks really good already. John
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    Race Cars on the Road

    Some people in Italy must be jealous, what a racy looking car. They should have come up with this design themselves. Love what you have done, a nice way of becoming part of the automotive and motorsport history. Well done! John
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    RCR's Next car should be.....

    Yes, that would be a very nice addition to the cars RCR offers right now. John
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    Is there any info available which cars will attend? It does sound like a very nice event to visit, but don't want to drive all that way from the main land to see three GT40's present. John