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    GT40 Mk1

    last photo, has anyone seen this car in the UK?
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    Assembling a Monocoque

    Buy a core and make your own, we have made three and its not too hard at all, have a look at the one on my build page, I did add a fan but you may not want to do that ?
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    GT40 Mk1

    found this photo of car as it was leaving
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    GT40 Mk1

    I have been doing some GT40 work, and now wondering/considering if I should start again and build another one? or use my skills and gear to do something else? taking another team to Tonga next week on a Discipleship training school, so maybe after that, time will tell
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    Hi Brother, I have been trying to contact you? [email protected] John Shand

    Hi Brother, I have been trying to contact you? [email protected] John Shand
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    GT40 Mk1

    CHOP, change of plan, car sold, sad to see it go, but I expect the new owner will enjoy it as much as I have, thanks for all the help and support over the years,
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    Jimmymac & Alistair's Cars

    re: Jimmymac & Alistair's Cars looking great, James, now if I can find a workshop, got gear in six different places,
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    try this, I have also had pm/email from Lloyd
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    GT40 Mk1

    Hi guys, just a note, I will be out of contact for a month or so in Tonga, just if you don't get a reply, I'm not being rude, just no internet access,
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    Q re: Original front lower ball joint components

    there is a hole in the lower arm housing for lock wire and the nut/hex on part 62 is drilled as well, hope this helps,
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    GT40 Mk1

    bit of an update, made a jig to press the stiffening ribs for the rear closing cover and bulkhead
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    poster A1 or A0

    Hi looking for a GT40 mk1 side profile poster, high quality to frame, thanks, John
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    Stewart-Warner 240A fuel pumps

    no distrubiter at this stage in the USA
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    GT40 Mk1

    Yes I am looking into that as a option, can't be to hard to make, I have made an alloy tannk as a tempery solution, but want to look at making bladers some time, I understand your bladers would be a different shape and maybe rib spacing, for some reason they changed the sponson shape?
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    GT40 Mk1

    a bit more done over the weekend