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    I once owned that body - it's a poor replica of the GT40. I promptly sold it off' It's what I call a poor man's replica. If it's complete, you might clean it up and list it on eBay to see what it will fetch.! John
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    Drivetrain Options

    You don't need a V10 in a 2,000 lb GT40 - it's overkill. A small block would do fine. I'm running a 350 Chevy bored and stroked (450 HP) mated with a Porsche 930 transaxle. John
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    Ken Miles' MKII From Ford vs. Ferrari

    One thing I didn't like about the movie was that it failed to show the development of the GT40 - all the decisions that led to mid-engine choice are missing - the car just magically shows up at the airport. Also, no credit is given to Ken Atkins who developed the molds for the body. John
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    As I think back on the movie, a major omission was that it did not show the work that went into designing and building the car. For example, when and how was the decision made to make it mid-engine. Also no credit was given to Kevin Atkins who designed the body and built the molds. The car just...
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    Went to see the movie yesterday - I was the only one in the theater so I'm not sure how movie sales are going! I would rate the movie as very good John
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    It's always good to plan ahead - all you need now is a garage to house your new baby! Good luck.
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    Hot inside my GTD

    I have split nostrils on my GT40 and I have a overheating problem - the divider between the nostril blocks a a large part of the radiator from being cooled by the fans - perhaps as much as a third blockage. I've thought about installing a single nostril but haven't gotten around to it. I hope it...
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    Mid-engined ‘Vette

    They only offer an automatic transaxle - perhaps in the future a stick shift will be available! John
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    Insurance Question

    I use Hagerty. John
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    U_joint on wheel side cv joint on diff/gearbox side

    Paul, I have the U_joint - CV joint combination on my GT40. The U_joints are on the wheel side. My advice is that you have CV joints all arount as I think I pick up significant vibration with the mixed combination. John
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    944 transaxle

    I'm no expert but I believe a Porshe 930 is a much stronger gear box. However it only has 4 speeds - for me it doesn't matter as I rarely use more than 2nd gear! John
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    Street Driving

    I have a rear view camera mounted on the cabin section because it's impossible to see anything out the rear window. Also, I only take my baby out early Sunday morning when the traffic is light. There are always wise guys who want to race you - I just ignore them! Also, make sure you leave...
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    Seattle Active Power GT40 - A Father/Son build

    Roll cage looks good - you should have plenty of protection! John:)
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    Seattle Active Power GT40 - A Father/Son build

    Make sure you have a full roll cage - can't tell from the picture! Good luck with your project. John :)
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    Interesting! John :cool: