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    wiper question

    I think Fran has changed the wiper motor included in the kit since I built my car but my experience may be valuable for you just the same. My kit included a lucas style wiper motor. I happened to have a left over wiper arm from a Cobra kit car. That had the correct hub to mount to the spline...
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    SLC 001 Build

    Just don't pull a Leno. He put a fire suppression system on a Cobra replica. He was worried a passenger might pull the trigger on it so he hid it beside his seat. One day stuck in traffic he thinks what is this by my seat and pulled the trigger.
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    Spongy Pedal on new Wilwood Setup

    I am no expert but shouldn't you run a residual valve for the rears as well? I thought they were recommended anytime the masters were mounted lower than the slave cylinders to minimize pedal travel. Just be sure to use the 2 psi valve for disc brakes. Also have you checked to see if your...
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    Toms RCR 40 Trackracer

    Interesting. I went several heat cycles and never got flow through the heater. I even have air bleeds at the high point of both heater hoses to purge air from the heater core.
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    SL-C #50 Allan's Build

    Your seats look like Factory Five GTM seats. Did you buy them off of a GTM builder or did you find the same source that Factory Five uses?
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    RCR and Superformance

    That is a hard comparison. I believe most of RCRs cars are sold to people who will build the car themselves. Superformance sells their cars as turn key less motor. If you want to see pictures of completed RCRs look at the build pages of people who have completed their cars. An RCR can...
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    2015 Ford GT

    "It looks pretty, but are those pictures from Ford? Or someone's wishful thinking? " It is very Ford. They went as far as building a prototype. They even did a one hour show on Rides about it. Here are photos of the prototype: 2005 Ford Shelby GR1 Concept with Aluminum Body
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    2015 Ford GT

    Looks like the GR-1 concept car that was built as a concept car a few years ago. It looks more like the Daytona Coupe than the GT 40. I would be surprised if they ever build anything that looks at all like the concept car. I believe they had concerns about insufficient head room to pass...
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    Fuel backing up in the tanks

    Interesting thread. I have thought about adding vents on the rear of my tanks after an incident that I had. One day my heater hose blew off and sent hot coolant all over the passenger side of my car. Fortunately no one was sitting there to get covered with hot coolant. I did not have time to...
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    Jonathans RCR 40 Build

    It is an interesting comparison between the cars. They are similar in many ways and different in many ways. I am waiting for the barchetta version of the SLC. When are you going to have it ready? Then I will have to make the hard decision of what car to sell to make room for it. I have...
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    Jonathans RCR 40 Build

    Randy, I bushed both the plates in the door and the plate attached to the chassis. I have two 3/8” diameter shoulder bolts as the pins. I like your idea of adding an intrusion bar but I never added one so the two bolts work fine. I had to create a 2 foot long allen key to tighten the bottom...
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    Jonathans RCR 40 Build

    Something else you may be interested in is how my GTM and GT40 compare on the road. Now that I have a few miles on both I can give some decent comparisons. I have not driven either car close enough to the limits to really give anything but general impressions. I feel like my GTM can corner...
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    Jonathans RCR 40 Build

    I have also worked on some details I had been ignoring. I finally made a wiper arm for the car. My kit came with the Lucas style motor so it took combining two different arms into one to get something that would work. I also added some check straps to the rear clam shell out of aircraft...
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    Jonathans RCR 40 Build

    I thought I would put a few updates on my build. First of all I have about 8,000 miles on the car. The ride has softened up a bit in that time. Originally even small things like bridge expansion joints would really jostle you. Now that has mellowed. I suspect that the change is from the...
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    Wiring a one wire alt. with a low volts dash light

    Why not just get a 3 wire alternator. They have many other advantages besides having the wiring for the light. See this article for a discussion on that: Catalog There is a reason you will not find a production car with a 1 wire set up.