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    Superformance GT40 MKI at Mecum Monterey

    $170k + a 10% buyers premium is all the money I would expect personally, I saw the 50th anniversary edition gulf car bid to $270k and didn't sell either.
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    WTS: Original BBS wheel for 2006 GT

    You'll likely get more bites posting this on the Ford GT forum
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    Girling 18/4 calipers

    Sent a PM
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    FS USA GT40 Logo Floor & Sill Mats

    Apologies, I should have updated ad as sold
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    AC Hose Crimper

    If you are starting from scratch consider Aeroqup E-Z Clip, no crimper required...
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    Redline Linkage kit for IDF

    Try or but I find a lot of vendors are more responsive to a phone call.
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    FS CAN A few more parts and prices

    Oops, saw the other post and responded/sent a PM re the door inserts and A/C.
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    Question about starter for G50 with KEP fly wheel

    I have a similar setup (again Chevy engine) and experience on my Ultima, it turned out the starter was only just engaging with the flywheel ring gear on a longitudinal basis (depth onto the ring gear, not tooth mesh), it wiped the edge of the ring gear teeth over time.
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    FS CAN CAV GT40 parts

    PM sent re the door inserts and A/C system
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    Registration/Title issues

    Congratulations, I had a similar title experience when I purchased my ERA on an MSO, the DMV need to legally see the chain of custody, i.e. Bill's of resale between owners if the MSO is not in the current owner's name. I had to get the dealer to go back and fill in a gap in transfer of ownership...
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    15" racing tires - which are the best for the track?

    I looked at the Hoosier tire and it has durometer of 62 which is akin to a regular street tire like a Toyo RA1, I'd have no hesitation in using them on the street given many of the recommendations in the discussion are pure race tires. I could get a set of front and wider rear for $325...
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    11 or 12 x 15????

    A 295 Avon is a stretch on a 12" rim (rated for 8.5-10.5") and the tire selection is limited at 12" width. If you are going with custom offsets that fill the Gulf flares I'd go with an 11", if a standard offset the 11" may require a spacer to get the correct look, a skinny wheel set back under...
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    Side Mirrors

    The Vitaloni Californian's may require a bit of internal rework depending on location, on my Pantera I had to finesse the internal rotation cup with a Dremel to get sufficient angle on the passenger mirror for a good rearward view.
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    15" racing tires - which are the best for the track?

    The Dunlop's & CR6 ZZ's are a stretch for a 12" wide rim.
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    15" racing tires - which are the best for the track?

    They look great, it's a very hard compound, but it appears Hoosier is overstocked and currently having a blowout sale for $60 a tire on that size!