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    Roll over cobra incar video, non fatal

    Many organizations use the basic broomstick test between front fender and roll hoop, where the top of your helmet must be clear under that line. Also I don't know many organizations that permit open cars to run without arm restraints these days. As a Time Trials Tech Inspector it amazed me what...
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    Hacking an IDF or IDA 'Weber'

    Man, wish I'd know I have a manifold just like that on the shelf with a set of 48 IDF's mounted too!
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    How to adjust SPF footbox

    I'm pretty sure Haynes do a workshop manual for the GT40 (1964 onwards) and with SPF being 90% interchange with an original wouldn't that have most (say 90%) of the required information? Maybe a few owners get together and write up some technical bulletins / supplements for the SPF specific stuff?
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    Metric AN fittings

    I did a little digging on some of the European sites I am familiar with and all seem to offer fairly standard AN fittings, which by definition are SAE threads. One question that may also need answering is do you have metric hose sizes or SAE? The BAT Inc. link I posted previously listed metric...
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    Metric AN fittings

    Doesn't that mean you are actually just looking for the adapter fittings from 37 degree flare AN to metric, which seemed readily available.
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    ZF gearbox clutch lever wanted

    If the eBay one is an original they were cast and are prone to break, Maserati Source has forged replacements, not cheap but peace of mind;
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    Metric AN fittings

    Mesa, Try British American Transfer (BAT Inc.) MOCAL dealers in Sarasota FL;
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    Safir GT40 "real" and some other questions?

    My 2 cents; a Gelscoe or Safir would be more highly prized and valued than any of the other 'replicas', Safir Spares had the forethought to register the GT40 trademark and now license it to SPF, for that SPF owners pay a premium and often consider their cars more original. Laughably many of them...
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    Superlite GT-R FOR SALE

    I have a '74 in that green. Was this Pantera for sale out of Reno some years ago?
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    WTB GT40

    Yes, it's an ERA Mk1
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    WTB GT40

    Can you define 'perfect'? I think any used car is likely to have some degree of wear and evidence of use. RHD or LHD? Budget?
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    ERA vs SPF cabin room

    The early ERA seats are a complete seat and frame on sliders, you could remove them and throw in the SPF style pads, I actually did that with my first GT40 (a KVA) and fabricated an adjustable Tilton pedals set. Or maybe convert to the later style ERA which are very similar to SPF...
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    ERA vs SPF cabin room

    Apologies I misread the thread! The early ERA seats are on sliders like any normal car seat, my handles are on the right side under the seat. The later chassis went to an oem style fixed webbing affixed to the chassis I believe. Those cars had an adjustable pedal box as a means to compensate for...
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    ERA vs SPF cabin room

    I am 6' and fit well for street driving in my ERA (1993 with the mounted seats), my driver seat is not completely to it's rearmost position. That said a friend of equal stature owned a CAV and he could run on track with a helmet no issues, whereas I would not be comfortable in the ERA with a...
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    Note to self: When building 180 headers for a Clevor...

    Agreed, I assumed it had to be 8.2" given how far off the collector pipes are, switching to Cleveland heads on a Windsor 9.5" deck height should not have resulted in that degree of mismatch.