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    Le Mans Classic postponed till 2021

    I allready have my tickets, 2020 tickets postponed to 2021. I expect them to be postponed to 2022.
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    Rubber thingy..

    I have the slots for the long ones in the rear clip, just missing the locators. So just the cones won't work unless I cut the rear clip and re fibreglass it.
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    Rubber thingy..

    Where to get these? Ill assume its a rubber kind of thingy, I have no idea Need two as apparently I am missing these in my build. Didn't came with the abandoned project.. Rear clip fixture - locators or how do you call them? Picture is not from my car. (thanks Geert Jan)
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    Jim's RCR Build

    Jubilee gold. I did a sample on a spare nostril (we went from twin-V to single deep vent in our build). Can't get any usefull details about aniversary gold and this looks to be close.
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    Jim's RCR Build

    What colour did you use? I am going for Ford Jubilee Gold, colourcode 66 (1978 year) which looks similar to the Aniversary Gold they used in 1966.
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    RCR40 Mk1 Body cutouts

    I didn't cut the centre, only the sides.
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    RCR40 Mk1 Body cutouts

    I started with a dremel and cut off disk and did some fine tuning with these.
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    Need advice to build pair of race muffler slip on’s

    If it aint Dutch, it aint much... Its all the same exhaust, just swap slip on's depending on your mood.. Celeritech makes exhaust porn Look up their other photo's for more exhaust porn.. Good inspiration stuff.
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    Need advice to build pair of race muffler slip on’s

    Look at their site. They do. Shown is the full system that can be converted to 2 round mufflers and converted to 2 open pipes
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    Need advice to build pair of race muffler slip on’s Specialised in exhaust for the GT40 and others like Lola T70 mk3 and so on that meets noise regulations and ad horsepower. Full slip on system with options. More info & picures on their website The Netherlands.
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    Adventure RV

    Thanks for the link to your build. I read the whole post, very interresting stuff. With the current emission rules in Europe anything less then a Euro 5 diesel engine will be out of the question now unless its stone age on classic registration. So a Reo M35 multi fuel Whistler always tinkers me...
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    Happy new year, from Holland
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    Mk2 nostril hinges

    Youve seen my previous post, I sm using the Truimph TR3 hinges, with 3mm wedge plates. Works perfect, no jamming, 1 finger needed to open it.
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    "Ignition" current draw problem

    Whats your ignition system and is it wired through the same fuse as your EFI.