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    GTD Restore rear brakes

    Calliper is Sierra, Scorpio (Granada in the UK) and Escort Cosworth. The bigger engines with diskbrakes on the rear. Its a very common upgrade calliper on classic Fords with a reardrum to disk swap as this calliper has a mechanical handbrake so lots of parts available.
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    Which engine for my MK IV project?

    Easy, most Ford 60s cars, pickup trucks and vans came with a Winsor or an FE. 360ci, 390ci, 427ci, 428ci. Ford pickups had them till '76 (360 & 390).
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    Which engine for my MK IV project?

    I would put in an engine that belongs in a mk IV. 427 FE sideoiler. There are several companys that sell a full alloy version of that 427 FE sideoiler, ready to run.
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    What we miss in lockdown

    1, Goodwood members meet... 2, Spa Classic... 3, my vacation trip, Spa summer Classic & Lemans Classic... 4, Silverstone Classic Retrorun package... Fingers crossed, but Spa Six Hours is still on the agenda.
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    Anyone having issues with GT Forte?

    Darren orders the windscreen at Rick Evans, Rick Evans does also suply them to the others. Rick Evans holds all the templates (KVA, GTD, original, etcetera) Those are made to order and are made at Pilkinton Finland. Rick Evans normaly delivers within 8 weeks but must...
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    Anyone ever used Stack Injection ITB setup?

    o2 sensor Crank position sensor, even if you are going to run a stock dizzy. Map sensor TPS Air temperature sensor. Cooland temperature sender. ( very handy for cold start enrichment settings ) I have Megasquirt controling the injectors and ignition, still running a stock dizzy, distribution...
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    Ultrasonic cleaning

    I used to work with the same 6 liter unit for years and after 4 years off frequent abuse its killed itself as most ultrasonic devices will. Did a lot of carbs with it. I now have the 10 liter unit which holds about 9 litres. For carbs, Tickopur R33 is the best agent to clean carbs. Use it in...
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    Front suspension lift

    I dont think an air tank is needed, I am running an airlift 5000 airbag system on my F250 with just a Viair 440 pump and it raises quick enough, even with the camper in the back. You don't need 8 Bar air pressure total to lift a GT40. Single pump will reach 2 to 3 Bar very quick which will be...
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    Anyone ever used Stack Injection ITB setup?

    Self learning works for a bit. It helps you to even out the VE table but this only works if the basic parameters in the AFR table are set correct. I have some experiance with Megasquirt MS2 and self progamming it. In basic you need an AFR table that calculates an amount of fuel needed to reach...
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    GT Forte experience

    To come to the conclusion... it doesn't fit. Not even in his own spider. I even had to cut the whole gauge pod out to reposition it as it didn't align with the steering assembly.
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    Windshield for GTD40 is where I got mine last year. Genuine Pilkinton. Comes in any tint you'll want, with EC markings and so on. Great service and good prices from Rick Evans. He suplies them to the others....
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    Building a GT 40

    There is your answer... no Paypal, no protection. So you pay, and get none... Its written before about Darren, he takes the money and you'll get nothing.
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    Le Mans Classic postponed till 2021

    Le mans Classic postponed. New confirmed date 1th- 4th July 2021
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    Goodwood 78thMM & Premier Inn

    I booked Goodwood camping so with my MM tickets, camping will be postponed also.
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    MS25010A what bulb

    I know what it is. A panel iluminator designed to edge light a GT40 switch panel.. But as Ford also used the Boeing 28Volt wiper motor in the mk2 I am wondering if they did the same with these Boeing panel lights. If I hook them up with 28Volt bulbs they just glow.