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    Alain de Cadenet - Gone at 76

    We where in the Le Mans museum yesterday. When we got out we got the message about Alain. Took a minute before the coin fell, then we realised we read all about him in the museum.. Rust in peace Alain. We all regroup.
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    Projects from hell….

    That raises another question where did Ford have it manufactored.... Mexico, China, Filipines...
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    Basil Green

    Basil Green, founder of Perana Sportscars SA passed away last monday 27th. Basil was famous in the early seventies by its Perana Capri V8 and Gunston Capri V8 conversions. RIP Basil
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    Steering column controls.

    I went on with this. "Indicator Stalk Assembly Black | Car Builder - Kit & Classic Car Parts Specialist"
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    Jokes anyone? -

    Neither has Scotch! One Scotch each day keeps diseases away. (I am not a Bourbon (corn) fan, Ill prefer Scotch (grain) Whisky without an E)
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    Weber 48 ida help

    Tom, swapping chokes means also rejetting of the carbs as there's a relation between choke size and jet size. Assuming your carbs are synchronised (with proper vacuum gauges), what fuel pumps are you running?
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    Weber 48 ida help

    You'r right, I am a carb specialist (weekly base) but agree a thirth hole conversion (drilling that 3th hole) on the older IDA's is a last resort. 48IDA carb's had one purpose back in the day's, Racing. Never ment to do cruising at 2000-3000 rpm. They suppose to run 6000-8000 rpm. Weber IDF's...
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    Weber 48 ida help

    Yes and no. Coughing & spluttering is lean condition. Progression holes, are just above the throttle blades and suply "extra" fuel from the idle circuit, when the throttle blades are opening. The idle circuit playes a big role in 1/3th of the rpm range till main jets take over (2/3th of the rpm...
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    Edelbrock pro-flo

    I sounds like heat soak of the injectors, not the ignition. Do a google search on heat soak injectors. Injectors have a impendance, rated in Ohm. When injectors get heat soak, their resistance (Ohm) change signifantly reducing their opening times drasticly resulting in a lean mixture.
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    Camping meeting Zonhoven Belgium 12-14th august

    A meeting for all classic Fords. Its a well known camping meeting in the Europeaan Classic Ford scene with Classic Fords from all over Europe Usualy some GT40's & Ford GT's attend the show on saturday. We'll bring our GT40 for the whole weekend (on a trailer behind my Classic Ford motorhome as...
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    TT back again and as fast as ever

    This is, what Isle of Man TT is, & forever should be. All drivers know, it can kill you, it can be your last race, it could be the last time you said goodbye. As long as the drivers volunteer to race this insane TT, they should continue this race every year. Its still on my bucket list to visit...
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    Weber 48 ida help

    Its running very on the rich site. Ive serviced those which came with, 40 chokes 150 mains 180 air correction F11 emulsion tubes. Your jets are to big for the 37 chokes.
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    Ball joint extender bumpsteer.

    Problem solved. I made a bolt on thick steel adapter bracket to lower the upper wishbone to correct the suspension geometrics which also made it possible to set camber settings to GT40 specs. Bumpsteer gone, fabulous to drive now. Thanks all who contributed to this solution.