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    2005 original Goodyear tire replacement

    Feel free to check out this website for size alternatives: You can check out shops like 4wheelonline for a wide variety of options, make sure to keep us posted with your choice. Also, try to add information about your ride.
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    RIP Jim Pace

    I can't believe that it's been more than a year when he lose the battle against Covid-19.
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    Modern-day Miura

    Everything looks clean on this thread, I am so impress by this build.
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    This is a really old thread, the OP should have made an update a few years ago if he is still around.
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    1030 at 06:15

    Cool shot you have here, it seems like it's not you who woke up early to take this beautiful picture.
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    Steve's GT-R Build Thread

    The progress looks nice, I really like those orange wheels. It added more style to your blue car.
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    Goodyear Cobra Tires on Borrani Wire Wheels?

    How did the installation go? Did you really mount it on your Borrani wire wheels?
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    What’s up with this GT110/X-1?

    This looks like a great event with a lot of beautiful cars on this field.
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    Jokes anyone? -

    LOL, this gives me a good laugh every time. :D
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    Revo replicars

    It is sad, but I expect it to be of poor quality because it is only a replica.
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    Adventure RV

    I am so excited to see more photos of this build, the progress looks nice.
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    My baby girl is all grown up!!!!!

    Congratulations on your daughter's achievement. Actually, it is also your achievement, I am sure that you are so proud of her.
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    C5 T-70 updates

    I am excited to see how this build will turn out. Make sure to keep us posted whenever you have the time.
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    Avid 2000 Road Trip

    It looks well maintain. Did you paint the wheels to match the color of the car?
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    FS EU BRM Wheels and Tyres

    Good luck with this sale Andy! I am sure that you won't have a hard time selling these wheels and tires.