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    Converting to E85 ethanol

    I am considering migrating to E85 ethanol in my 40 replica. I run a stack fuel injection system, with a programmable ECU, so increasing fuel volume is not an issue. My question deals with fuel cell foam. Will the ethanol eat the foam? Or, is there foam available specifically engineered for...
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    Chris, I believe it depends on the year and model of the car the motor came out of. I assume you mean a 289/302 smallblock. A 351W may complicate this even more. I have seen 2 different water pump and crank pulley diameters, and if you add PS or A/C, things really get crazy. And, there are...
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    Exhaust system suppliers

    John, others-I have not been unable to get pictures posted of my exhaust system. If anyone would like pictures emailed, contact me and I can email them to you. Thanks-jack
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    All-Sorry this has taken so long, things have gotten in the way... I visited GT Supercars today, and I liked what I saw. The prototype monocoque looks very strong, and fairly authentic. The prototype is in pieces, but I saw basically the whole car, in various areas of the shop. John Hester...
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    who makes the most compact distributor?

    Alain-I am running a Mallory Unilite, and can measure for you if you need the specs. Jack
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    How about a GT40 head count ?

    All- Mine is an Integrity/KVA Mark I acquired in 1994. I am located in Central Ohio, and would really enjoy being a part of a national gathering. When I go to meets and shows, I am typically the only 40 present. So, attending a 40's event would be a blast. Organizing the meet around an...
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    Is Michael Schumacher the best?

    Chris, The "greatest driver" question is a tough one to answer. Is Shuney good? Absolutely. Would he have been as successful, hence "good", had he been with McLaren, Williams and Jaguar for the last four seasons? Probably not. When you look at F1 (and I have been a close follower since...
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    Indy F1

    Pat, I will be there again this year. Don't know if I will be there Saturday and Sunday or Sunday only at this point. Thanks-Jack
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    Mine is placed on the floor at the front of the passenger seat as well. Does not intrude on the passenger, is close, protected, and I have lines run to the engine compartment as well as one to me. Mine is a bottle about 16" long, and fits very nicely there on the floor. Jack
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    Exhaust system suppliers

    John-I will get a picture posted soon. The Cleveland has alot of power and torque in stock form, so it does not take much to make one really perform. Mine is a pretty mild build, but with the header system and stack fuel injection, it is probably putting out about 400 hp. Plenty for my needs...
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    Cockpit Airflow

    For those of you using the front NACA ducts to direct air to the eyeball ducts in the dash, how have you attacked the problem of the front clip opening and closing, and the affect on the hose? A fixed tube along the underside of the clip to the front bulkhead? Would appreciate your ideas...I...
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    I will check things out, and let you know what I find out. The one year wait sounds similar to the wait for the ERA cars, at least at one point. I am not sure how long the ERA wait time is now. Jack
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    Exhaust system suppliers

    Jason-I am in the states, and cannot offer a source. But, I can suggest you think about doing what I did for exhaust on my 40. I have a 351 Cleveland, so none of the systems out there came close to working on my car. I found a race shop in my city where the owner had done lots of headers for...
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    Patrick-Thank for the info. I live in a Columbus suburb, and did not know these guys were doing business here. I am going to take a run down to their shop and see what they are up to. Jack
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    Patrick-Can you provide the website name? Thanks-Jack