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    Alinement rig for home DYI

    Great work Howard, thanks for sharing.
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    UN-1 DB conversion, which oil??

    Hi Trevor, Nice to see this thread bought alive again! I still own the car & it is still fitted with the same UN-1, with Derek Bell's upgraded input shaft & a Quaife ATB diff. I've been using Castrol Syntrans 75W-90 for more years than I can remember & transaxle is in good order. I change the...
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    Fuel pump discussion.

    Wise words! Those of you working with GTD looms may have found the twin pump supplies are unfused. I'm also suspicious the dash mounted pump selector switch may be losing some current.
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    FS: Vitaloni Sebring style wingmirrors (metal!)

    Geert-Jan, If the mirrors are marked 'AJW B'Ham' in-between the fixing studs then they are probably 'Les Leston Silverstone' Mirrors. These are definitely a very nice period mirror, very similar to the Vitaloni Sebring & I understand they were available in Chrome or Black. I'm no historian &...
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    Les Leston Silverstone mirror
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    GTD ignition

    Sorry I can't tell what distributor was used on the Marine engines, but maybe someone can identify it from these photos? GTD supplied 'Marine spec' 302's with their kit packages in the early 1990's, they iron heads & a boat cam. Sorry I can't be more helpful, Kind regards Julian
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    GTD chassis # 17789

    Simon, Thank you for adding to the history on this car. FWIW I fully understand why you would want your father's involvement in this car to be recognised. Thank you to Rob Bloom for what I believe to be a very fair and accurate statement. Stuart was also a good friend to me & his recent passing...
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    Quick ratio steering rack for G T Racing chassis (ex MDA kit)

    What Bob said :) I have the alloy front uprights from MDA on my GTD & used this method to 'wake up' the steering. Much easier and cheaper than modifying the steering rack. If it's any use I'll try & dig out some photos. Kind regards Julian
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    Show me your fuel pumps please! - Carb fed engines

    Gents, Thanks for your input. It's possible the claimed flow rates of the Facet Red Tops could be a little optimistic, I found this 10 year old thread, post 14.... Running the two pumps together looks like...
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    Show me your fuel pumps please! - Carb fed engines

    Hi Veek, Thanks for your post & the Malpassi instructions, I appreciate your suggestion. The stumbling only happens intermittently and occasionally at WOT & I have set the fuel pressure to 7psi at tickover as per the Carb's requirements. I'm beginning to think the problem may be that the Facet...
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    Show me your fuel pumps please! - Carb fed engines

    Thank you all for your replies so far. I'll summarise what I've learned so far & hopefully this will be of use to others. Due to the location of my pumps 10" above the fuel tank outlet, I require pumps with a 'LIFT' capability. My engine requires around 35 GPH flow & the Holley 670 carb...
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    Show me your fuel pumps please! - Carb fed engines

    Good point, I'll look into that. Thanks for the tip.
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    Show me your fuel pumps please! - Carb fed engines

    Thank you all for your replies, Mike, do you know if your friend installed the Holley pumps level with the tank outlet or higher up in the engine bay? Holley state the 12-125 "Should be mounted below the fuel level of the tank for a good gravity feed on the inlet side". However reading through...
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    Show me your fuel pumps please! - Carb fed engines

    Gentlemen, I'm finding my Facet/Malpassi fuel system is struggling to keep up after many years of reliable use. I've searched many fuel pump threads & am looking for the best option to upgrade my current system, hopefully without too much modification. Are the Gerotor type pumps the best...