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  • Darrell, mate you dont go from a 40 to a Clubman, usualy the other way around, i have just sold my clubman and have progressed to the WRC as a 40 although a life time dream will have to wait just a we bit longer.
    as for building it as a road track car, why not. apart from puting some extra thought here and there it could be built as a road car quite easily, the chassis itself is imensly strong and ridged.
    what sort of details would you like, as just about every thing about the car can be seen on the web site
    stryka_01/Stanton WRC-95 - Page 1 - Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
    plus i have every concievable component, including original body profiles on CAD, if you are genuinly interested feel free to e mail me and we can discuss it at more length, or if your on Skype give me a ring
    cheers John
    Kaspa I am just finnishing building a DRB gt40 as a road car and am thinking of building a road/race car, I was thinking of scratch building a clubman but I was looking at you car and thought it would be a great project. Can you tell me if it would be possible to get some more details of you chassis and what your thoughts are of road registering a chassis like yours.

    Darrell Peattie
    DRB LS1/G50
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