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    Remove the ZF from the car

    .....and do your self a favor, put a dial on your crankshaft and measure the run out to the step in your bell housing that centers your ZF/Input shaft. Mine was horrible. I installed a couple adjustable offset dowel pins and with a little tuning centered the ZF and it did wonders for ease of...
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    ***SOLD 2019 Factory Five 33 Roadster SOLD ***SOLD

    Where is the car located? Best, Kelly
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    Is gt40's important to you - let us know your thoughts

    Your house your rules Ron, but believe it not, your site is colored by its content and that includes the content of that section and the topics and language contained therein. Most vendors screen sites for such and that type of content is often an automatic no for sponsorship. IMO and of course...
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    Is gt40's important to you - let us know your thoughts

    I don’t post much anymore but do and always have enjoyed and that’s why I previously opted to financially support the site. An observation I’ve made in life and business is that entities tend to evolve into the niche they serve. That can either be the key to their survival or demise...
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    ZF 4th gear breakages

    The bronze versus needle pilot bearing is an old chestnut.Really depends on time exposure and where you think you're operating on the bearingPV curve but will say the journal on the ZF pilot shaft is not suitablehardness to host the needle bearing and would you rather replace a bronze bushingor...
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    Stainless mig welding a custom exhaust system

    Agreed......and because it doesn't conduct heat very well it's easier to control the puddle and typically less heat induced stress and distortion. Copper and aluminum alloys are at the opposite end of the scale. Best, Kelly
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    Stainless mig welding a custom exhaust system

    We do it every day at work. With MIG you should use 98/2 Argon-CO2 for shield gas and purge the internals with same. What alloy is your tube? 304L? Best, Kelly
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    SLC Wiki

    Thank you. That did it. Best, Kelly
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    SLC Wiki

    Anyone have the link to the SLC Wiki handy and could post it by reply? All my old links are dead and when I search the subject line of this thread, I get a mind numbing number of hits but no joy. Best, Kelly
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    Superformance GT40 MKII For Sale. ***SOLD***

    IMO the forums that cater to the 40 and component cars in general a far better place to sell the car. Though you may get exposure to buyers with pockets most of the so-called exotic dealers don’t understand the car no could they understand or convey what would make a well sorted build better...
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    zf-0 type plate

    Doc, I don't own this one nor recall where I collected the pictures from but probably eBay. I have a number of detailed pictures with casting numbers. If you email me I can send what I have if interested. Best, Kelly
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    Custom transaxle

    Indeed, result so far looks great and hopefully will perform equally well, not to mention the perseverance considering Post number one's date. Well done Leon. Best, Kelly
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    TT Ford GT powered Ultima

    Not mine and hard to imagine the need for TT but looks very nicely done. Boat load invested there I'm sure. Hard to believe there's a Ricardo stuffed in there too. Anyone know the car? Replica Kit Makes | eBay Best, Kelly
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    McCopy mk 5

    They look nicely executed. Apologies if I missed it earlier but what is the material used and weight each? Best, Kelly
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    What kit is this one?

    ZF is also inverted in Pantera configuration. Best, K