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    Unknown GT40 replica restomod.

    NICE. I don`t normally like over modified 40`s but that one floats my boat.
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    What happens to our part builds in 2030 !!!!

    I think it`s very sad that youngsters won`t associate the shapes of replica`s with the glorious sounds the original cars made Whether its the v8 roar of the 40,Cobra or the flat 12 howl of 917`s. I think those of us that remember are a vanishing breed. If only someone could replicate those...
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    Just curious but why do you want them? In all the years I`ve been around I`ve only seen Gurney Weslake or Gurney Eagle valve covers on original cars with the appropriate Gurney cylinder heads. Most original cars had pressed steel valve covers and not Gurney type because they were a different...
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    Window/headlight cover material

    I would check if I were you but motorsport regs for side windows might be 4mm minimum? Doesnt matter if you dont do motorsport. I might have got that wrong so please check
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    Ford 351W Standard early crankshaft wanted UK please

    Just a thought Nick have you asked if Pete kept his his original one
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    Does this look like an original car?

    Fake valve covers. Genuine Gurney Weslake heads and valve covers are a different shape. Replica manufacturers are happy to sell these but no original car I saw had them, usually plain steel covers.
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    FS EU BRM Wheels and Tyres

    Probably will fit but check offsets and wheel stud centres to be certain
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    Morning All from rainy England

    Same for Lotus Cortina`s I believe
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    GTD wheel width

    It all depends on offset of wheels as 12inch rims can fit under standard arches sometimes.
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    Front uprights

    I supplied The original uprights that Richard Guest modified to make patterns for the castings that John Wisher used to make his uprights. Out of the deal I received a pair of blank castings which I haven`t been able to get machined yet. The castings I supplied were Gardner Douglas like the...
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    Wire vs Halibrand Wheels

    With the Halibrand wheels it looks like a race car but with wires it looks like a nice road car. Both are great but what look do you prefer?
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    Problem with "rear gulf arches"

    I have 6 inch outer rims to fill my Gulf arches and wouldnt use anything less if I changed wheels because of the deep dished look on the Gulf cars
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    Ford GT40 Anthology - due 20th October 2021

    Hi Graham apologies if I`ve already said this but could you put me down for a signed copy if its not too late please? Thanks very much
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    302 pistons using 289 length rods

    I want pistons to suit my engine but not sure where to get them. I`m using standard stroke 302 with 289 length rods ( Boss302 crank and rods ) that I`ve had for years and want to use. I will be using Victor Junior type heads so flat top pistons are what I need I think? Does anyone know where I`m...
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    Water proof GT40?

    No drips or runs, that`s waterproof to me. I`m sure it wouldn`t be as dry as James Bond`s Lotus if it was completely submerged but good enough for me.