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    Anti-submarine strap install on RCR GT40

    I’m looking for suggestions on how to install anti submarine straps in my RCR GT40. Can anyone share how they accomplished this with an aesthetically pleasing result? I hate to just chop into the seats without a solid plan. Photos would be great! Thanks! Kim
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    Who is the manufacturer of these rear vents?

    Andy, Looks like you’ll need to make more than 10! ;) Kim
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    Thanks for the input everybody. Gonna go with the plexi for now.I might have to notch it to fit under my roll bar which would be difficult with the glass. I’ll decide down the road if I want to go with the glass. Cheers!
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    I see what you mean by the bolts capturing the glass. I found a guy here that can make the glass I want. I thought about using two 3/16” pieces with safety lamination in between.I didn’t know if that was going to be too thick. It will be approaching 7/16”. How thick was the glass you got from...
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    I’m thinking about using safety glass as my rear window instead of the plexiglass supplied with my RCR GT40. My reason is to cut down on heat and noise in the cockpit. Who has experience in using real glass in this application? What type of glass did you use? How thick? Since the mounting of the...
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    Who is the manufacturer of these rear vents?

    I would be interested in a set as well. Do you make the ones for the rear too?
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    My Engine Won't fire

    Bad starter rebuild?
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    FS USA superformance exhaust, gtforte parts

    What engine do your headers fit?
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    Source For Engine Turning...

    Hello! I've been trying to find someone who does engine turning, hopefully in the Los Angeles area. I made my 2 switch plates for the dash out of brushed stainless steel but thought having them engine turned would make them a little more special and period looking. I've done some internet...
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    Wanted: Detailed photos of P1075

    Hi Elliot, I took this photo of the engine bay of 1075 2 months ago at the Montery reunion at Laguna Seca. I was surprised to see it there. Ford had an unveiling of the New Gulf livery for the Ford GT for next year. I was lucky enough to get this shot when they opened up the rear clip after...
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    GT40/Superformance nostril hinges

    I'd like to buy them. PM sent.
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    Throttle body trumpets - need some short ones.....

    I have the same throttle bodies and have some rubbibg on my hood. I looked around for options, Speedmaster who markets the throttle bodies was no help. I'm considering taking the ones I have to a machine shop and have them cut down. Kim
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    Knock off safety clips

    I saw a couple of original cars at the Rolex Reunion running these types of safety clips. Does anyone know a source for these? Kim