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    KVA Kit

    Hi KVA is a mother of all UK -based spaceframe GT 40 replicas. They also evolved through the years. As from 1990 they had all new chassis. Also, as from 1988 they were granted to use the name GT 40 on their cars.
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    I also purchased some goods from Andy, he always helps you with questions, and keeps his promises.
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    Thanks Ian for advice. Indeed I can Not see This evolution being able to take full V8 power. However, the 302 engine is several inches moved to the front...So, it is practically in the middle. V8 distributor is located inboards. And they claim incredible hillcliming times for this.. Front...
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    Does anyone know about valkyrie GT 40 lookalike? It is Valkyrie factory built in USA (US friends plse help me out), but quite far from a closer thing, like KVA, GTD, Tornado etc. It seems it has been a lot in hillclimbing in US, and is based on steel frame (not tubular). It has chevy...
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    Flogging the Gurney Weslakes

    Hi, look forward to this. Old records show the superiority of canted valve heads (boss 302 and flow dynamics), but we know, things have developed since, and straight on makes things somewhat easier. Plse keep us posted! Jukka
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    Jim, What is the general availability of MKIV "turbo" wheels? Any aftermarket look-alikes available? Looks like chicken´s teeth to me... Jukka
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    Best Looking non-GT40

    Hi boys, Sorry guys, this is not much GT40 related: I am in process of buying a Taurus SHO 1990. Engine looks nice. Any chance this will be a classic in 20 years? Or salvage it and make a replica GT40 (although transverse setup?) Jukka
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    Supercars, Car and Driver, Results - When one of you guys taking a GT40?

    What I really mean, is that a guy with a $80.000 replica will be tempted to do funny things versus a guy with a $200.000 replica or $ 1.000.000 real thing. When they see that prancing horse on the same track...
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    Supercars, Car and Driver, Results - When one of you guys taking a GT40?

    Or then they are afraid that their doors will be driven off...
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    Thanks for this update! You certainly have a most desirable piece of history in your garage
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    I wonder that plastic wrap??? MKIV: You have a serious problem: how can you race them both simultaneously? People here love to hear which one is faster. Although the exotica I place my bet on MK IV.
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    Supercars, Car and Driver, Results - When one of you guys taking a GT40?

    Ron, couldn´t agree more. GT 40 vs Cobra is no brainer, even though if small block vs. big block. GT 40 was the mother of all late track racing cars, while Cobra was just a pleasure thing beefed up with a massive engine.
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    Well, J 6 was the winning car by Foyt/Gurney, and J5 was 4th by McLaren/Donohue at Le Mans´67. Later J5 was replicated to lookalike J6.
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    Is it a real thing?
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    Auto trans GT40 any ideas?

    what I was thinking about is opportunities w/ advanced shifting on those boxes. We know that properly built auto tranny w/ fast shift access will beat any manual transmission on racing conditions. I believe Ford was exploring this on tests that lead to the death of great late Ken Miles.(claimed...