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    Anyone got $420k laying around?

    420k. Nuts. At that level you can buy investment cars. That will appreciate. I think a good cap on investment on an Slc is around 200k. Even there you will never see more than 120 k resale. Buts that’s not why you build an Slc to begin with. It’s not an investment it’s a play toy that will...
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    Anybody using scissor lift to SLC

    I love the twin bush lift. Have one in my home garage. Going to be a dealer for them. Cost is great. Quality is second to none. Will lift 6600 lbs. up to 72 inches.
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    How can Special Interest Car Enthusiasts be Liberal Politically??

    A lot of people flee liberal state and come to Texas in droves. Myself being one. I left a state I loved. But didn’t recognize anymore. That state was. N. Y. For the people who leave liberal states. And come to Texas. Don’t think you can vote liberal. Vote the way you voted by home. You defeat...
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    Del's Build: SLC IR/8

    Looking good Del.
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    Doc's SLC is SOLD to Jon Wang ***SOLD***

    Doc. Congrats. On the sale.
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    SLC Hubs/ race worthy

    Howard. Thanks for the info. My gut is usually always right.
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    SLC Hubs/ race worthy

    Just a question. Would it be be a safe bet just to upgrade these as you build the car. I’m ordering mine in dec. I’m using an LT 5. With the Graziano. V 10 trans axel and sequential gear box. My concern has alway been. Will the race stock hubs and axel s truly handle the power. Every this was...
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    CamT's build thread

    I think roger is right. What better way to document your build. Using a hard bound book and knowing that you will do this in your build You can an it out and really make a professional presentation if and when you decide to sell your car. Imagine handing that to a prospective buyer. He’s...
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    CamT's build thread

    Cam. Very nice. Now get it on amazon. And have it pay you back for the slc. :)
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    Barett Jackson just sold a 2011 SL-C - anyone here?

    I saw the cars come threw B. J. As well. Never sell a car there unless it’s a rare exotic. Or domestic car. You will be guaranteed to get 50 cents on the dollar if your lucky on your car. Now if your buyer. Bid away. Lots of great deals.
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    Traction control

    Thanks for the suggestion. Frank. It’s a great idea. But I’m going to go with racetronics. System. Yes it’s more money. Buts it’s a proven system I like what the owner had to say and they can Taylor the system for your specific needs.
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    CamT's build thread

    Del. It’s not crazy. They all build cheap. Then sell for crazy money. Manufactures forgot about the end user just to maximize. Profit. Mistake. Just like cam said. He won’t go back to them if it fails. And rightfully so. People will pay for quality. They just need to know that it is quality.
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    HCF Graziano Sequential conversion kit

    Jon. Got your pm. Call me anytime tomorrow if your available. Thanks Mario
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    HCF Graziano Sequential conversion kit

    That’s Awsome news. John sent you a pm.
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    Traction control

    Give him a call. He’s more than willing to answer any questions you throw at him.