Priorities are love of God, family and country. Interests are my business, sports cars, chess, writing (and therefore reading), cigars, salt water aquaculture, weightlifting, health and nutrition.
May 5, 1950 (Age: 74)
Shelby Twp MI 48315
Bruce K
Self-employed since 14; bought a 1071 cc Austin Cooper S at 21; many exciting cars later, my garage holds a Porsche 935 tribute, an Alfa 4C and a Lola T70 Spyder Mk II replica by Can Am Exotics.
United States
President of likeNU Carpet Cleaning our ot Fraser MI



2003 Lola T70 Mk II Spyder, original dimensions, mix of original and new parts including AP brakes, Getrag transaxle, Mountney wheel, more; HSR logbook; 2,000 lbs, 383 CI SBC, 460 HP, 420 lb/ft,
2015 Alfa Romeo 4C coupe, turbocharged. 6 speed DCT, heims, monoballs, swaybars, Nitron R1 coilovers, Stage III tune, 1.7 liter I4, 2,440 lbs, 360 hp
1982 Porsche 935 Tribute, Rennspeed CF/FG body, supercharged & intercooled 964 motor, G50 trans with Albins gears & Guard LSD, heims & links, 3.6 liter, 2,450 lbs, 425 hp


2010 Caterham R400 upgraded to R500 specs; 2,000 cc Duratech, 6 spd close ratio box. 1963 Austin Morris Mini-Cooper S, 1,071 cc. 1965 Jag XKE Series 1 roadster. Triumph TR-6. 1986 Caterham 1,700 cc cross-flow & De Dion. 1987 Chrysler Shelby Omni; 2003 Ford F150 Lightning. 1995 Mazda RX-7. 1994 Caterham 1,800 cc Cosworth BDR & Quaiffe straight-cut 5-speed. OMS D Sports Racer with Yamaha R1 motor. Ex-NASCAR "Clabber Girl" racecar. Panoz Esperante GTS #23 ex-Panoz Race Series. 2006 Chevy SSR pickup, 6 liter LS2. 2006 Lotus Exige, intercooled, 343 hp. Backdraft Racing Roadster, Roush 402. 2004 WCM S2K Super Seven, 2,000 cc, 243 hp.


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