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  • Hi Mark, Just saw your response on the below, noting you have a coupe, and I have a Spyder. I actually have both. The Spyder is complete, an I acquired a project MKIIIb coupe to be it's "stable mate" a few months ago. I'm currently trying to get the Coupe chassis complete (should be done by mid March) and ready to fit the body. The door hinges and the latches have been giving me fits, as I can not seem to find anything similar in any of my British parts catalogues.
    Hi Mark,
    I am the recent acquirer of one of Fran's earliest Lola T70 MKlllb coupes. I believe the body is the same, but it is based on a tube frame rather than the current aluminum monocoque. I was wondering if you would be able to tell me anything about the door hinges and latches. These are pieces I do not have, and I've had no luck trying to determine what the originals came from (I assume any small parts came off some other British vehicle, rather than being custom made). Any help would be appreciated.
    Thanks... ron
    I ened up purchasing a package from Fran.
    RCR70 deluxe plus minus headers but with 2 sets of wheels, powder coated chassie and rollcage. The body is the Blue #6 SUNOCO. Fran treated me well on the price as this was the body that was displayed at many shows on a wooden frame.
    I have gathered many parts including
    Rebuilt Ricardo Transaxle, used headers/stainless mufflers,halon fire suppression system,Calies crank,and Mechart racing rods for a 350 Chevy. I also purchased a 327 Chevy short block that was just rebuilt and will have to decied between the two.
    Now all I need is TIME to work on the project.
    I hope you find the right motor for your Lola as that will be a sharp ride when done.
    Please keep me posted of your progress.
    I hope all is well.
    Hi Mark

    Still collecting bits, nearly got hold of an Aston V8 Engine a few months back, but looking like and LSx as a more likely candidate.

    How you getting on with yours, what did you go for in the end.

    All the best

    Hi Mainer - good to hear from a fellow RCR70 owner - where are you it in build - or is it all done now?


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