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    brm 17" wheels

    I have a set if you're interested.
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    Anyone ever used Stack Injection ITB setup?

    Thanks Chris, What did you end up doing? When I spoke to my mechanic, he mentioned that the Weber EFI changes the sound of the motor. I’ve got a pretty aggressive sounding 427 Windsor, and I don’t want to lose the sound. I’ve been doing a little more digging and think I will go with a Holley...
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    Superformance wheels FOUND

    I have a set of 17s BRs. Mounted and balanced. Mint like new.
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    Lighting upgrad

    Here's a shot of the new halogen lights over the sealed beams. As you can see, they're pretty bright. There is a disadvantage, since the halogens have a blocked tip while the R2's are fully clear. Phil, I haven't forgotten the taillamps, I'll post them after next weekend.
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    Lighting upgrad

    Thanks Phil. I ordered from both and and they each shipped and delivered quickly. You're right, I didn't want to increase the draw, and felt that the headlight upgrade was worth sacrificing a bit of brightness from the foglights. In addition, while the amp draw of...
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    Lighting upgrad

    I've done a little research on changing the bulbs to get a little better vision. Has anyone had success upgrading their system? The Osram 7951's 45w/40w are insufficient for night driving. They draw 51-57 watts with 860/675 lumens I was able to track down a 60w/55w bulb at It...
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    Cool on a hot day

    I'll have to try that Jim. I've been considering an insulator since, even with the a/c, the heat is pretty bad. I have also removed most of the padding from behind the seat...which might also be a contributor.
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    Just Got decals on... waiting for engine...

    Hey Dave! Car looks great! Love the's like the number 6 car...but it's...a...7!
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    Ground clearance

    I've had this problem with my car. I have 17" wheels. With the shorter sidewalls and a bit smaller diameter (315/35/17 rear 215/40/17 front), it lowered the car about another 1.2 inches. I am having the bellhousing trimmed, the front suspension links shortened, raising the car an inch, and...
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    Hi Richard, I know that you were considering a skid plate to protect the bellhousing on your...

    Hi Richard, I know that you were considering a skid plate to protect the bellhousing on your car. Were you able to fabricate one? I am considering that or if it's possible, adjusting the suspension to gain some ground clearance. I went to the 17" wheels and lost an inch. I just can't bare to...
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    SPF MKI, Bellhousings and all the other little stuff!

    Sorry to ressurrect an old thread...but I outfitted my MKII with an RBT and 17" wheels. The wheel/tire diameter is now 25.7" instead of 28", so I've lost >1" of ground clearance. Richard, I know that you were considering a skid plate to protect the bellhousing. Were you able to fabricate one...
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    Pocono CSD

    Mark, When you're up at Pocono again, let me know. I have a place in Jim Thorpe. Looks like it was a fun time. Michael