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    I didn't mean to promote them, only show how scary vibration can be and how ineffective some of the stuff we've been using for years can be.
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    I'm not recommending Nord-lock , in fact I've never tried them. This site does have some good information on how fasteners can fail due...
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    I decided to order a customized fuel tank from RCI. The one provided by RCR is an off the shelf model, and while it’s a perfectly fine...
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    The workshop/garage build phase is now underway! Rebar in place (not pictured), Initial inspection passed and footings get poured...
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    I'd recommend shielded cable. If size is a problem, use RG-174/U coax cable. the shield is the ground return. Even better is RG-188A/U...
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    "The Italian gearbox couldn't last with the power & torque of the V8, ..." True. It didn't prove reliable in the Mk 6GT Lola, either...
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    Drivetrain Install The bell housing was mated to the engine after confirming the two alignment pins were in place. The thin brass shim...
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    Cerakote is what I used on my long-tube headers. It has held up well. BTW, black has the highest temperature rating of all the Cerakote...
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    dito on the mock up fasteners and ant-seize Id use stainless. Thats what i'm using. Dont use ebay or no name stainless fasteners for...
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    I agree, the cool factor is 10/10. Don't discount the effect that front canards have on rear wing efficiency! Your front canard size...
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    This is a JWAE Engineering Development Report on testing at Sebring on 9 & 10 March 1968. David Hobbs was the driver for this test session.
    • GT40 Sebring 1.jpg
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    This is a JWAE Engineering Development Report on testing at Le Mans On 6 April 1968. Jacky Ickx was the driver for this test session.
    • GT40 Le Mans  1.jpg
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    Use a good anti-sieze.
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    John Horsman told me that JWAE researched many airfoil profiles in the MIRA wind tunnel and in the end found that the NACA 4412 was the...