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    Remote tune with prestige motors

    Red RTV has the highest temperature rating.
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    This is interesting, I'm wondering who made the body?

    I have printouts of a scanned 275GTB/4 if you want to create a buck...
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    Hand brake adjustment RCR GT40

    Nutserts and Rivnuts are two different products. Both are threaded inserts but are produced by two different companies and are set by different principles. "Rivnuts is a nickname for "Rivet nuts", the original name.
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    Hand brake adjustment RCR GT40

    If the threaded retainers are Nutserts or Rivnuts, they may have been installed incorrectly. In my experience, in thin sheet metal, Riv-Nuts do a better job while Nutserts are better in thick panels. In any case, each must be pulled tight and installed in the correct size hole to prevent the...
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    Is this wheel lip normal, or acceptable?

    Jongbloed modular wheels have a conventional lip.
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    How do i install fender vents

    There have been a number of posts about adding front fender vents to an existing body. I have been wondering about two things- 1. Why weren't the vents molded into the fenders in the first place? 2. The vents seem to be upside-down in some cases, disrupting the clean air flow. My...
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    GT40 Size

    For those who thought the GT40 was tiny....
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    Saw this today on Facebook:
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    Header to collecter fasteners

    Of course they loosen and fall off. You need to use all-metal lock nuts.
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    Incoming CAV GT #41

    Do you have an insulated cover over those exposed battery terminals?
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    MSD 6AL Issues

    MSD does not seem to have a very good reputation for reliability. I suggest a Crane HI-6 capacitive discharge ignition.
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    Balance Bar

    Howard has posted some very valuable advice. "Getting F/R braking right is not easy and it will require some time and testing." To illustrate the lengths some go to get the right mix of parts to give optimum performance, I'll give my rear brake setup as a harebrained example :). Since I used a...
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    Balance Bar

    For street use, the Performance Friction "CarbonMetallic" pads have an unusually high coefficient of friction and they are easy on your rotors.
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    Where to get 6pin wine glass wheels

    I put a set of American Racing magnesium Torque-Thrust wheels on my '65 GTO when it was new back then. Dogs would come from miles around to piss on those wheels. I could NOT keep them clean & shiny. :mad: