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    Help needed to find this vent hood

    Bonjour,tu peux trouver chez En U.K. Envoie un e-mail Marc
  2. My garage

    My garage

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    Bonjour from France

    Bonjour Benjamin, Je possède une Mk1que je reconstruis suite à une sortie de piste Si tu as besoin de conseils n'hésite pas. Marc
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    Orange light on GT40 roof P103

    Thank you very much for your answer ! I'll keep you updated ! I going to search on my side.
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    Orange light on GT40 roof P103

    Hello ! I have a Mk1 GT40 (continuation, clone P103) in building, it is at Dennis Olthoff garage. I search the orange light of the roof of original p103. Have you got an idea ? Thank you :) Excuse me my English is very bad.