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    Dear Andrew, All the best for your fine work, hope you and your wife can enjoy the car this summer ! Best regards from Switzerland, Marcel
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    Hi Malcolm, My name is Marcel, I am living in Switzerland, and own a ERA with original...

    Hi Malcolm, My name is Marcel, I am living in Switzerland, and own a ERA with original spanner/wheels. I am using 275/50 and 225/50 Avon CR6ZZ. Which tire Pression are you using on your car ?
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    Hi Chris, my Name is Marcel, I am living in Switzerland. Saw your thread about Valeo 470078. Do...

    Hi Chris, my Name is Marcel, I am living in Switzerland. Saw your thread about Valeo 470078. Do you have some of them and what would they cost ?
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    917 Le Mans museum restart....

    Hi Thierry Thanks for sharing. Marcel from Switzerland.
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    917 on Vimeo, Deutch spoken, no English

    HI Jennifer As Thierry mentionned, there where in the picture Driver, Engineers and Teamboss talking about the 917. The Engineer told, that they just had 9 month to bring the car to the homologation in April 1970, so they started in August 1969 with the developement of the car. One of...
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    How much of a GT40 body is interchangeable?

    I agree with Jim. Basically you have to know, that the parts coming out of the moulds needs always a individual alignement on every chassis (if you think in production line steps). I owned before a Lancia Stratos Group 4 and there it was the same. All the glassfiber parts you have to make fit on...
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    Gulf GT40 Superformance for sale

    Hi Lee Agree with Dave, try the cobra-site. I bought my car there, to get in contact with the owner was very easy. Regards Marcel.
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    Taking a Break

    Ron From far Switzerland, all my respect for your effort and passion in this forum. Marcel.
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    MKIII "Ford" Ovals

    Good afernoon James Especially, when you put them on a Ford Anglia :-)))) May be you find some with a little patina on Anglias or Cortinas..? Regards Marcel.
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    MDA Mk1 with Gulf Arches - Martin P

    Hi Martin Great work. Just would like to share some "thinkings" about the ducting for the gearbox. I don't have the magazines here, but I remember, that the linden green spider was a feature in one of the last classic car magazines. There, you could see the ducting for the cooler. I don't...
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    Face book

    Well, guess I am also one of the younger ones, and don't use it. Only heard about. Of course, everyone should be open minded for new things. But from my point of view, the use is quite critical from different sides, I only take 2: 1. I already heard form friends, that companies staff...
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    Lightweight 306

    Hi Scott I worked several years ago in a engine-overhaul-shop. There are several good suppliers in US. Main work for us where the Ferrari and little Alfa-Engines. Nevertheless, I guess, you also would like to have some high rpms on your engine. I could recommand carillo rods because we...
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    Original Replacement Parts.

    Hi Jay Thank you for the parts. I received the light covers. Very nice new web-side on Regards Marcel.
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    Original Replacement Parts.

    Hi Jay, Thanks for the quick reply and your assistance. But I have never received any kind of information about this, and of course no covers at all. Please send me more informations, like delivery papers or tracking informations, with a PM. I am looking forward to your prompt answer...
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    Original Replacement Parts.

    Jay, unfortunately I have to make a complaint here in this forum because there was no reaction on my mails in July and August. Now parts are here in Switzerland and as announced in the mails, parts, that I have aleady paid before, and you have confirmed that they where in stock and delivered, we...