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    Mkii Three hole panel??

    Is that your tarton observation platform in the background james
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    FS USA Stewart Warner SW-240A fuel pumps and parts ((SOLD))

    Hi randy would love to buy the pumps do you think it would be possible the post to the uk without to much trouble regards mark
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    Powerlite RAC407 starter motor

    Bit bigger cos I know eddys getting on in years now:):)
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    Southern GT #48

    Running holly pumps and regulator ,all dyno on them so no problem
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    Southern GT #48

    Having said that it’s time to make the hartwell latches so if anyone has one we can borrow to have a look at ,or any parts or patterns ,drawings ,anything to help, we will have a go at making them and also try to help other members as they are mega expensive and difficult to get thanks mark
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    Southern GT #48

    Ye thats the one I think we had to make eddy ,drill and tap the chassis no bonding so you can get in again to the rear of the tanks hi Andy a little bit of milling by me and a lot of filing and sanding by sam ,i would like to say I taught him everything he knows but that would be stretching the...
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    Southern GT #48

    On the back Sam made the underneath panels removable as we have fuel filters in there and then you can finish what you see and all looks the same ,sam been busy On lockdown feaver
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    Southern GT #48

    Looking good mr eddy
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    Ultrasonic cleaning

    could i get 2 chips and a lightly battered cod with a pea wet please looks cool mike
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    Jimmymac & Alistair's Cars

    They are beautiful James ,looks like next year will see you realise a dream the has been executed like only an engineer with the utmost integrity could ,you are indeed a rare beast and deserve the fruits of your labour .happy new year regards mark
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    FS EU LeMans Grill sets

    Yes a set for me please Andy ,and completely agree with comments about that outher dick
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    Who is the manufacturer of these rear vents?

    That goes for me also please andy regards mark
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    Cheshire SGT build

    Yes was advised it was no problem , and it ain’t going to fit in with two Pannel thickness plus rivets. Good luck regards Mark
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    Cheshire SGT build

    No it’s to fit the rad in .no sharp edges there to catch ,I am at Preston you are always more than welcome to pop in ‘ regards mark