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    ZF 5DS-25 Type 2 For Sale

    Ben, it has been determined to be a scam. Best to steer clear of it.
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    GTD Front Control Arms - Which bushes ?

    Gents, many thanks for the discussion and photos (Frank). Mark Sibley has been very helpful and responsive, and does have some of the later-style GTD bushings on-hand which will work for my needs. I am not unhappy with how my car performs or handles/rides after having almost every connection...
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    GTD Front Control Arms - Which bushes ?

    Thanks Frank. Any pictures of what you propose? Do I not need to modify all the A-arms and chassis mounts?
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    GTD Front Control Arms - Which bushes ?

    Hello Frank, I have replaced all of the rod ends with Heim joints, however the upper and lower A-Arms as they secure to the chassis are still rubber bushes. As I am refurbishing the arms to remove the silly chrome, I would like to replace the 35 year-old bushings. There are only 8. I do not like...
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    GTD Front Control Arms - Which bushes ?

    How timely... I am doing exactly the same, however I prefer to replace with rubber bushes not poly. Does anyone know if these were a stock item that was used on other cars? They seem to be very close to 1"Ø, 2" Long and 1/2" bolt.
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    Calling Dan White!

    Raising this topic again. It seems there is always someone looking for a windshield and rarely someone able to supply. I am looking for a replacement for my GTD and also for a rear glass as well. I may be interested in ordering several sets if anyone knows of a source, as I know a couple...
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    sell a car into Europe, Canada?

    Dwight, for Canada the date of first road registration is the key (likely for elsewhere also). Anything over 15 years old is easy to import into Canada without major headaches. Different European countries have different regulations, so the answer you seek won't be a one rule fits all answer...
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    Show us your GT40!

    Great idea Bob. Nice number plate too! :-)
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    Show us your GT40!

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    Tire straps?

    Ben, I would never use only an over-the-tire strap except for very short distances. We transported six cars in a transporter using those and after 3,000 miles (yes, a long trip), several of them had let go or come off. One of the cars only had one strap still holding properly. It scared the crap...
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    Original 40's steering wheel emblem

    Thanks Graham. I would have bet money it was white, but I can see it is probably an optical illusion caused by the raised chrome outline. It seems no matter how many photos I take of these cars, I am always looking back and asking myself how I could have missed taking shots of this or that...
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    Original 40's steering wheel emblem

    I have seen quite a number of original cars, and most of them seemed to be red, white and blue. One was all black without inscription. I didn't get photos of all of them, but here are a few. Graham, I'm not sure what you mean about there not being white on the original emblem? Because it's...
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    Wheels GTD Mark 1

    On my GTD I have the 15" Vintage Wheels BRM copies. Tires are 225-50/15 and 295-50/15 in the rear. It looks like they should rub but they don't on mine. Mark
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    New guy from Ontario

    Welcome Bob. Where in Ontario? There are a few of us here, but not many! Mark
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    RCR GT 40 for sale **SOLD**

    Re: RCR GT 40 for sale Mike, you should post more photos and details. Ron McCall is a well-know and very skilled builder. That strikes me as a fire-sale price for a car that he built. Mark