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    Dan's Build

    Very nice, Dan! Curious how you like the Maxjax with the SLC -- I'm thinking about getting one myself :)
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    Nose hinge

    Does Fran have them available for order now? Anyone know the price?
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    Mason’s Build: Superlite SLC

    For the transaxle mount rods, I just called RCR and they shipped them out to me for free -- they should have been included with the kit.
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    New here, few questions about the SLC

    Try a larger cable. Most jumper cables are only 4 gauge. I use 1 gauge with a small battery and it works great.
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    S2's Build Thread

    Very nice work on both fabrication and welding! Makes my tig welds look like a kindergartener did them :)
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    Fling SLC Build Thread

    Beautiful -- great work!
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    audi V10 into a slc

    Please keep us posted on your build!
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    Ken's SLC build thread

    Nice, Ken -- Added to my project list :)
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    Mark B's Build Thread

    We made it in last night -(about 2100 miles total)- overall pretty uneventful with the exception of a crazy hail storm literally 1 hour before we arrived in Austin. Hail was golf balI sized and ended up with several dents in my SUV. I kept looking in the mirror expecting the SLC windshield to...
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    Mark B's Build Thread

    Thanks Cam! Hope you have a good and safe trip as well!
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    Mark B's Build Thread

    So we're on the road from Redmond, Washington to Austin, Texas! I decided to trailer the SLC rather than have it hauled along with my wife's car. It looks like complete crap with packing tape holding the windows on (I gave up on a miserable attempt to tie a car cover down on it to protect it)...
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    Mark B's Build Thread

    Thanks Mason and Cam! Cam, yea I did have to trim the inside / top of the binnacle, but since it's on the inside, you don't really see the trimmed area once it's installed. I think once I cover the dash it will be just fine. I set up a few different screens, I figure I'll try several out until...
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    Restarting my SLC project in West Texas

    Hey Howard, definitely -- I'd love to see your car! I can't wait to get out on COTA when I'm done I completely agree on the AC bulkhead fittings. Reasonably cheap and make the install much more clean in my opinion.
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    Restarting my SLC project in West Texas

    Hey Hector, glad to see another SLC in Texas! I'm moving down to Austin from Seattle literally this weekend and towing my SLC in progress. I have an AC crimper you're welcomed to use, but it may be a couple months before we get the house / settled and unpack it.
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    Mark B's Build Thread

    Just posted a new video with the dash hooked up and buttons / lights working. The AIM MXP (6" version of the AIM dash) fits perfectly with just a little trimming in the dash. Programming wasn't too bad, but I need to figure out if the headights / brights indicators are working correctly. I...